Font Awesome Cheatsheet v5.x

Icon Name Class Code Unicode Search Changed in Version
Icon Name Class Code Unicode Search Changed in Version
500px 500px
<i class="fab fa-500px"></i>
f26e 4.4 5.0.0
Accessible Icon accessible-icon
<i class="fab fa-accessible-icon"></i>
f368 accessibility handicap person wheelchair wheelchair-alt 5.0.0
Accusoft accusoft
<i class="fab fa-accusoft"></i>
f369 5.0.0
Acquisitions Incorporated acquisitions-incorporated
<i class="fab fa-acquisitions-incorporated"></i>
f6af Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy game gaming tabletop 5.4.0 5.8.0
Ad ad
<i class="fas fa-ad"></i>
f641 advertisement media newspaper promotion publicity 5.3.0
Address Book address-book
<i class="fas fa-address-book"></i>
f2b9 contact directory index little black book rolodex 4.7 5.0.0 5.0.3
Address Card address-card
<i class="fas fa-address-card"></i>
f2bb about contact id identification postcard profile 4.7 5.0.0 5.0.3
adjust adjust
<i class="fas fa-adjust"></i>
f042 contrast dark light saturation 1 5.0.0 adn
<i class="fab fa-adn"></i>
f170 3.2 5.0.0
Adobe adobe
<i class="fab fa-adobe"></i>
f778 acrobat app design illustrator indesign photoshop 5.6.0 5.8.0
Adversal adversal
<i class="fab fa-adversal"></i>
f36a 5.0.0
affiliatetheme affiliatetheme
<i class="fab fa-affiliatetheme"></i>
f36b 5.0.0
Air Freshener air-freshener
<i class="fas fa-air-freshener"></i>
f5d0 car deodorize fresh pine scent 5.2.0
Airbnb airbnb
<i class="fab fa-airbnb"></i>
f834 5.8.0
Algolia algolia
<i class="fab fa-algolia"></i>
f36c 5.0.0
align-center align-center
<i class="fas fa-align-center"></i>
f037 format middle paragraph text 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
align-justify align-justify
<i class="fas fa-align-justify"></i>
f039 format paragraph text 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
align-left align-left
<i class="fas fa-align-left"></i>
f036 format paragraph text 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
align-right align-right
<i class="fas fa-align-right"></i>
f038 format paragraph text 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Alipay alipay
<i class="fab fa-alipay"></i>
f642 5.3.0
Allergies allergies
<i class="fas fa-allergies"></i>
f461 allergy freckles hand hives pox skin spots 5.0.7
Amazon amazon
<i class="fab fa-amazon"></i>
f270 4.4 5.0.0
Amazon Pay amazon-pay
<i class="fab fa-amazon-pay"></i>
f42c 5.0.2 5.8.0
ambulance ambulance
<i class="fas fa-ambulance"></i>
f0f9 emergency emt er help hospital support vehicle 3 5.0.0 5.0.7
American Sign Language Interpreting american-sign-language-interpreting
<i class="fas fa-american-sign-language-interpreting"></i>
f2a3 asl deaf finger hand interpret speak 4.6 5.0.0
Amilia amilia
<i class="fab fa-amilia"></i>
f36d 5.0.0
Anchor anchor
<i class="fas fa-anchor"></i>
f13d berth boat dock embed link maritime moor secure 3.1 5.0.0
Android android
<i class="fab fa-android"></i>
f17b robot 3.2 5.0.0
AngelList angellist
<i class="fab fa-angellist"></i>
f209 4.2 5.0.0
Angle Double Down angle-double-down
<i class="fas fa-angle-double-down"></i>
f103 arrows caret download expand 3 5.0.0
Angle Double Left angle-double-left
<i class="fas fa-angle-double-left"></i>
f100 arrows back caret laquo previous quote 3 5.0.0
Angle Double Right angle-double-right
<i class="fas fa-angle-double-right"></i>
f101 arrows caret forward more next quote raquo 3 5.0.0
Angle Double Up angle-double-up
<i class="fas fa-angle-double-up"></i>
f102 arrows caret collapse upload 3 5.0.0
angle-down angle-down
<i class="fas fa-angle-down"></i>
f107 arrow caret download expand 3 5.0.0
angle-left angle-left
<i class="fas fa-angle-left"></i>
f104 arrow back caret less previous 3 5.0.0
angle-right angle-right
<i class="fas fa-angle-right"></i>
f105 arrow care forward more next 3 5.0.0
angle-up angle-up
<i class="fas fa-angle-up"></i>
f106 arrow caret collapse upload 3 5.0.0
Angry Face angry
<i class="fas fa-angry"></i>
f556 disapprove emoticon face mad upset 5.1.0
Angry Creative angrycreative
<i class="fab fa-angrycreative"></i>
f36e 5.0.0
Angular angular
<i class="fab fa-angular"></i>
f420 5.0.0 5.8.0
Ankh ankh
<i class="fas fa-ankh"></i>
f644 amulet copper coptic christianity copts crux ansata egypt venus 5.3.0
App Store app-store
<i class="fab fa-app-store"></i>
f36f 5.0.0
iOS App Store app-store-ios
<i class="fab fa-app-store-ios"></i>
f370 5.0.0
Apper Systems AB apper
<i class="fab fa-apper"></i>
f371 5.0.0
Apple apple
<i class="fab fa-apple"></i>
f179 fruit ios mac operating system os osx 3.2 5.0.0 5.0.7 5.8.0
Fruit Apple apple-alt
<i class="fas fa-apple-alt"></i>
f5d1 fall fruit fuji macintosh orchard seasonal vegan 5.2.0
Apple Pay apple-pay
<i class="fab fa-apple-pay"></i>
f415 5.0.0
Archive archive
<i class="fas fa-archive"></i>
f187 box package save storage 3.2 5.0.0 5.0.9
Archway archway
<i class="fas fa-archway"></i>
f557 arc monument road street tunnel 5.1.0
Alternate Arrow Circle Down arrow-alt-circle-down
<i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-down"></i>
f358 arrow-circle-o-down download 5.0.0
Alternate Arrow Circle Left arrow-alt-circle-left
<i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-left"></i>
f359 arrow-circle-o-left back previous 5.0.0
Alternate Arrow Circle Right arrow-alt-circle-right
<i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-right"></i>
f35a arrow-circle-o-right forward next 5.0.0
Alternate Arrow Circle Up arrow-alt-circle-up
<i class="fas fa-arrow-alt-circle-up"></i>
f35b arrow-circle-o-up 5.0.0
Arrow Circle Down arrow-circle-down
<i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-down"></i>
f0ab download 2 5.0.0
Arrow Circle Left arrow-circle-left
<i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-left"></i>
f0a8 back previous 2 5.0.0
Arrow Circle Right arrow-circle-right
<i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-right"></i>
f0a9 forward next 2 5.0.0
Arrow Circle Up arrow-circle-up
<i class="fas fa-arrow-circle-up"></i>
f0aa upload 2 5.0.0
arrow-down arrow-down
<i class="fas fa-arrow-down"></i>
f063 download 1 5.0.0
arrow-left arrow-left
<i class="fas fa-arrow-left"></i>
f060 back previous 1 5.0.0
arrow-right arrow-right
<i class="fas fa-arrow-right"></i>
f061 forward next 1 5.0.0
arrow-up arrow-up
<i class="fas fa-arrow-up"></i>
f062 forward upload 1 5.0.0
Alternate Arrows arrows-alt
<i class="fas fa-arrows-alt"></i>
f0b2 arrow arrows bigger enlarge expand fullscreen move position reorder resize 2 5.0.0
Alternate Arrows Horizontal arrows-alt-h
<i class="fas fa-arrows-alt-h"></i>
f337 arrows-h expand horizontal landscape resize wide 5.0.0
Alternate Arrows Vertical arrows-alt-v
<i class="fas fa-arrows-alt-v"></i>
f338 arrows-v expand portrait resize tall vertical 5.0.0
Artstation artstation
<i class="fab fa-artstation"></i>
f77a 5.6.0 5.8.0
Assistive Listening Systems assistive-listening-systems
<i class="fas fa-assistive-listening-systems"></i>
f2a2 amplify audio deaf ear headset hearing sound 4.6 5.0.0
asterisk asterisk
<i class="fas fa-asterisk"></i>
f069 annotation details reference star 1 5.0.0
Asymmetrik, Ltd. asymmetrik
<i class="fab fa-asymmetrik"></i>
f372 5.0.0
At at
<i class="fas fa-at"></i>
f1fa address author e-mail email handle 4.2 5.0.0
Atlas atlas
<i class="fas fa-atlas"></i>
f558 book directions geography globe map travel wayfinding 5.1.0
Atlassian atlassian
<i class="fab fa-atlassian"></i>
f77b 5.6.0
Atom atom
<i class="fas fa-atom"></i>
f5d2 atheism chemistry ion nuclear science 5.2.0
Audible audible
<i class="fab fa-audible"></i>
f373 5.0.0
Audio Description audio-description
<i class="fas fa-audio-description"></i>
f29e blind narration video visual 4.6 5.0.0
Autoprefixer autoprefixer
<i class="fab fa-autoprefixer"></i>
f41c 5.0.0
avianex avianex
<i class="fab fa-avianex"></i>
f374 5.0.0
Aviato aviato
<i class="fab fa-aviato"></i>
f421 5.0.0
Award award
<i class="fas fa-award"></i>
f559 honor praise prize recognition ribbon trophy 5.1.0 5.2.0
Amazon Web Services (AWS) aws
<i class="fab fa-aws"></i>
f375 5.0.0 5.1.0
Baby baby
<i class="fas fa-baby"></i>
f77c child diaper doll human infant kid offspring person sprout 5.6.0 5.10.1
Baby Carriage baby-carriage
<i class="fas fa-baby-carriage"></i>
f77d buggy carrier infant push stroller transportation walk wheels 5.6.0
Backspace backspace
<i class="fas fa-backspace"></i>
f55a command delete erase keyboard undo 5.1.0
backward backward
<i class="fas fa-backward"></i>
f04a previous rewind 1 5.0.0
Bacon bacon
<i class="fas fa-bacon"></i>
f7e5 blt breakfast ham lard meat pancetta pork rasher 5.7.0
Balance Scale balance-scale
<i class="fas fa-balance-scale"></i>
f24e balanced justice legal measure weight 4.4 5.0.0 5.0.13
Balance Scale (Left-Weighted) balance-scale-left
<i class="fas fa-balance-scale-left"></i>
f515 justice legal measure unbalanced weight 5.0.13
Balance Scale (Right-Weighted) balance-scale-right
<i class="fas fa-balance-scale-right"></i>
f516 justice legal measure unbalanced weight 5.0.13
ban ban
<i class="fas fa-ban"></i>
f05e abort ban block cancel delete hide prohibit remove stop trash 1 5.0.0
Band-Aid band-aid
<i class="fas fa-band-aid"></i>
f462 bandage boo boo first aid ouch 5.0.7
Bandcamp bandcamp
<i class="fab fa-bandcamp"></i>
f2d5 4.7 5.0.0
barcode barcode
<i class="fas fa-barcode"></i>
f02a info laser price scan upc 1 5.0.0
Bars bars
<i class="fas fa-bars"></i>
f0c9 checklist drag hamburger list menu nav navigation ol reorder settings todo ul 2 5.0.0
Baseball Ball baseball-ball
<i class="fas fa-baseball-ball"></i>
f433 foul hardball league leather mlb softball sport 5.0.5
Basketball Ball basketball-ball
<i class="fas fa-basketball-ball"></i>
f434 dribble dunk hoop nba 5.0.5
Bath bath
<i class="fas fa-bath"></i>
f2cd clean shower tub wash 4.7 5.0.0
Battery Empty battery-empty
<i class="fas fa-battery-empty"></i>
f244 charge dead power status 4.4 5.0.0
Battery Full battery-full
<i class="fas fa-battery-full"></i>
f240 charge power status 4.4 5.0.0
Battery 1/2 Full battery-half
<i class="fas fa-battery-half"></i>
f242 charge power status 4.4 5.0.0
Battery 1/4 Full battery-quarter
<i class="fas fa-battery-quarter"></i>
f243 charge low power status 4.4 5.0.0
Battery 3/4 Full battery-three-quarters
<i class="fas fa-battery-three-quarters"></i>
f241 charge power status 4.4 5.0.0 battle-net
<i class="fab fa-battle-net"></i>
f835 5.8.0
Bed bed
<i class="fas fa-bed"></i>
f236 lodging rest sleep travel 4.3 5.0.0 5.1.0
beer beer
<i class="fas fa-beer"></i>
f0fc alcohol ale bar beverage brewery drink lager liquor mug stein 3 5.0.0
Behance behance
<i class="fab fa-behance"></i>
f1b4 4.1 5.0.0
Behance Square behance-square
<i class="fab fa-behance-square"></i>
f1b5 4.1 5.0.0 5.0.3
bell bell
<i class="fas fa-bell"></i>
f0f3 alarm alert chime notification reminder 2 5.0.0 5.2.0
Bell Slash bell-slash
<i class="fas fa-bell-slash"></i>
f1f6 alert cancel disabled notification off reminder 4.2 5.0.0 5.2.0
Bezier Curve bezier-curve
<i class="fas fa-bezier-curve"></i>
f55b curves illustrator lines path vector 5.1.0
Bible bible
<i class="fas fa-bible"></i>
f647 book catholicism christianity god holy 5.3.0
Bicycle bicycle
<i class="fas fa-bicycle"></i>
f206 bike gears pedal transportation vehicle 4.2 5.0.0
Biking biking
<i class="fas fa-biking"></i>
f84a bicycle bike cycle cycling ride wheel 5.9.0
BIMobject bimobject
<i class="fab fa-bimobject"></i>
f378 5.0.0
Binoculars binoculars
<i class="fas fa-binoculars"></i>
f1e5 glasses magnify scenic spyglass view 4.2 5.0.0 5.2.0
Biohazard biohazard
<i class="fas fa-biohazard"></i>
f780 danger dangerous hazmat medical radioactive toxic waste zombie 5.6.0 5.7.0
Birthday Cake birthday-cake
<i class="fas fa-birthday-cake"></i>
f1fd anniversary bakery candles celebration dessert frosting holiday party pastry 4.2 5.0.0
Bitbucket bitbucket
<i class="fab fa-bitbucket"></i>
f171 atlassian bitbucket-square git 3.2 5.0.0 5.6.0 5.8.0
Bitcoin bitcoin
<i class="fab fa-bitcoin"></i>
f379 5.0.0
Bity bity
<i class="fab fa-bity"></i>
f37a 5.0.0
Font Awesome Black Tie black-tie
<i class="fab fa-black-tie"></i>
f27e 4.4 5.0.0
BlackBerry blackberry
<i class="fab fa-blackberry"></i>
f37b 5.0.0
Blender blender
<i class="fas fa-blender"></i>
f517 cocktail milkshake mixer puree smoothie 5.0.13
Blender Phone blender-phone
<i class="fas fa-blender-phone"></i>
f6b6 appliance cocktail communication fantasy milkshake mixer puree silly smoothie 5.4.0
Blind blind
<i class="fas fa-blind"></i>
f29d cane disability person sight 4.6 5.0.0
Blog blog
<i class="fas fa-blog"></i>
f781 journal log online personal post web 2.0 wordpress writing 5.6.0
Blogger blogger
<i class="fab fa-blogger"></i>
f37c 5.0.0
Blogger B blogger-b
<i class="fab fa-blogger-b"></i>
f37d 5.0.0
Bluetooth bluetooth
<i class="fab fa-bluetooth"></i>
f293 4.5 5.0.0
Bluetooth bluetooth-b
<i class="fab fa-bluetooth-b"></i>
f294 4.5 5.0.0
bold bold
<i class="fas fa-bold"></i>
f032 emphasis format text 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Lightning Bolt bolt
<i class="fas fa-bolt"></i>
f0e7 electricity lightning weather zap 2 5.0.0 5.5.0
Bomb bomb
<i class="fas fa-bomb"></i>
f1e2 error explode fuse grenade warning 4.1 5.0.0
Bone bone
<i class="fas fa-bone"></i>
f5d7 calcium dog skeletal skeleton tibia 5.2.0
Bong bong
<i class="fas fa-bong"></i>
f55c aparatus cannabis marijuana pipe smoke smoking 5.1.0
book book
<i class="fas fa-book"></i>
f02d diary documentation journal library read 1 5.0.0
Book of the Dead book-dead
<i class="fas fa-book-dead"></i>
f6b7 Dungeons & Dragons crossbones d&d dark arts death dnd documentation evil fantasy halloween holiday necronomicon read skull spell 5.4.0
Medical Book book-medical
<i class="fas fa-book-medical"></i>
f7e6 diary documentation health history journal library read record 5.7.0
Book Open book-open
<i class="fas fa-book-open"></i>
f518 flyer library notebook open book pamphlet reading 5.0.13 5.1.0 5.2.0
Book Reader book-reader
<i class="fas fa-book-reader"></i>
f5da flyer library notebook open book pamphlet reading 5.2.0
bookmark bookmark
<i class="fas fa-bookmark"></i>
f02e favorite marker read remember save 1 5.0.0
Bootstrap bootstrap
<i class="fab fa-bootstrap"></i>
f836 5.8.0
Border All border-all
<i class="fas fa-border-all"></i>
f84c cell grid outline stroke table 5.9.0
Border None border-none
<i class="fas fa-border-none"></i>
f850 cell grid outline stroke table 5.9.0
Border Style border-style
<i class="fas fa-border-style"></i>
f853 5.9.0
Bowling Ball bowling-ball
<i class="fas fa-bowling-ball"></i>
f436 alley candlepin gutter lane strike tenpin 5.0.5
Box box
<i class="fas fa-box"></i>
f466 archive container package storage 5.0.7
Box Open box-open
<i class="fas fa-box-open"></i>
f49e archive container package storage unpack 5.0.9 5.7.0
Boxes boxes
<i class="fas fa-boxes"></i>
f468 archives inventory storage warehouse 5.0.7
Braille braille
<i class="fas fa-braille"></i>
f2a1 alphabet blind dots raised vision 4.6 5.0.0
Brain brain
<i class="fas fa-brain"></i>
f5dc cerebellum gray matter intellect medulla oblongata mind noodle wit 5.2.0 5.9.0
Bread Slice bread-slice
<i class="fas fa-bread-slice"></i>
f7ec bake bakery baking dough flour gluten grain sandwich sourdough toast wheat yeast 5.7.0
Briefcase briefcase
<i class="fas fa-briefcase"></i>
f0b1 bag business luggage office work 2 5.0.0 5.3.0
Medical Briefcase briefcase-medical
<i class="fas fa-briefcase-medical"></i>
f469 doctor emt first aid health 5.0.7
Broadcast Tower broadcast-tower
<i class="fas fa-broadcast-tower"></i>
f519 airwaves antenna radio reception waves 5.0.13
Broom broom
<i class="fas fa-broom"></i>
f51a clean firebolt fly halloween nimbus 2000 quidditch sweep witch 5.0.13
Brush brush
<i class="fas fa-brush"></i>
f55d art bristles color handle paint 5.1.0
BTC btc
<i class="fab fa-btc"></i>
f15a 3.2 5.0.0
Buffer buffer
<i class="fab fa-buffer"></i>
f837 5.8.0
Bug bug
<i class="fas fa-bug"></i>
f188 beetle error insect report 3.2 5.0.0
Building building
<i class="fas fa-building"></i>
f1ad apartment business city company office work 4.1 5.0.0
bullhorn bullhorn
<i class="fas fa-bullhorn"></i>
f0a1 announcement broadcast louder megaphone share 2 5.0.0 5.3.0
Bullseye bullseye
<i class="fas fa-bullseye"></i>
f140 archery goal objective target 3.1 5.0.0 5.3.0 5.10.1
Burn burn
<i class="fas fa-burn"></i>
f46a caliente energy fire flame gas heat hot 5.0.7
Büromöbel-Experte GmbH & Co. KG. buromobelexperte
<i class="fab fa-buromobelexperte"></i>
f37f 5.0.0
Bus bus
<i class="fas fa-bus"></i>
f207 public transportation transportation travel vehicle 4.2 5.0.0 5.1.0
Bus Alt bus-alt
<i class="fas fa-bus-alt"></i>
f55e mta public transportation transportation travel vehicle 5.1.0
Business Time business-time
<i class="fas fa-business-time"></i>
f64a alarm briefcase business socks clock flight of the conchords reminder wednesday 5.3.0
BuySellAds buysellads
<i class="fab fa-buysellads"></i>
f20d 4.3 5.0.0
Calculator calculator
<i class="fas fa-calculator"></i>
f1ec abacus addition arithmetic counting math multiplication subtraction 4.2 5.0.0 5.3.0
Calendar calendar
<i class="fas fa-calendar"></i>
f133 calendar-o date event schedule time when 3.1 5.0.0
Alternate Calendar calendar-alt
<i class="fas fa-calendar-alt"></i>
f073 calendar date event schedule time when 1 5.0.0 5.6.0 5.7.0
Calendar Check calendar-check
<i class="fas fa-calendar-check"></i>
f274 accept agree appointment confirm correct date done event ok schedule select success tick time todo when 4.4 5.0.0
Calendar with Day Focus calendar-day
<i class="fas fa-calendar-day"></i>
f783 date detail event focus schedule single day time today when 5.6.0
Calendar Minus calendar-minus
<i class="fas fa-calendar-minus"></i>
f272 calendar date delete event negative remove schedule time when 4.4 5.0.0
Calendar Plus calendar-plus
<i class="fas fa-calendar-plus"></i>
f271 add calendar create date event new positive schedule time when 4.4 5.0.0
Calendar Times calendar-times
<i class="fas fa-calendar-times"></i>
f273 archive calendar date delete event remove schedule time when x 4.4 5.0.0
Calendar with Week Focus calendar-week
<i class="fas fa-calendar-week"></i>
f784 date detail event focus schedule single week time today when 5.6.0
camera camera
<i class="fas fa-camera"></i>
f030 image lens photo picture record shutter video 1 5.0.0
Retro Camera camera-retro
<i class="fas fa-camera-retro"></i>
f083 image lens photo picture record shutter video 1 5.0.0 5.10.1
Campground campground
<i class="fas fa-campground"></i>
f6bb camping fall outdoors teepee tent tipi 5.4.0
Canadian Maple Leaf canadian-maple-leaf
<i class="fab fa-canadian-maple-leaf"></i>
f785 canada flag flora nature plant 5.6.0 5.8.0
Candy Cane candy-cane
<i class="fas fa-candy-cane"></i>
f786 candy christmas holiday mint peppermint striped xmas 5.6.0 5.10.1
Cannabis cannabis
<i class="fas fa-cannabis"></i>
f55f bud chronic drugs endica endo ganja marijuana mary jane pot reefer sativa spliff weed whacky-tabacky 5.1.0
Capsules capsules
<i class="fas fa-capsules"></i>
f46b drugs medicine pills prescription 5.0.7
Car car
<i class="fas fa-car"></i>
f1b9 auto automobile sedan transportation travel vehicle 4.1 5.0.0 5.2.0
Alternate Car car-alt
<i class="fas fa-car-alt"></i>
f5de auto automobile sedan transportation travel vehicle 5.2.0
Car Battery car-battery
<i class="fas fa-car-battery"></i>
f5df auto electric mechanic power 5.2.0
Car Crash car-crash
<i class="fas fa-car-crash"></i>
f5e1 accident auto automobile insurance sedan transportation vehicle wreck 5.2.0
Car Side car-side
<i class="fas fa-car-side"></i>
f5e4 auto automobile sedan transportation travel vehicle 5.2.0
Caret Down caret-down
<i class="fas fa-caret-down"></i>
f0d7 arrow dropdown expand menu more triangle 2 5.0.0
Caret Left caret-left
<i class="fas fa-caret-left"></i>
f0d9 arrow back previous triangle 2 5.0.0
Caret Right caret-right
<i class="fas fa-caret-right"></i>
f0da arrow forward next triangle 2 5.0.0
Caret Square Down caret-square-down
<i class="fas fa-caret-square-down"></i>
f150 arrow caret-square-o-down dropdown expand menu more triangle 3.2 5.0.0
Caret Square Left caret-square-left
<i class="fas fa-caret-square-left"></i>
f191 arrow back caret-square-o-left previous triangle 4 5.0.0
Caret Square Right caret-square-right
<i class="fas fa-caret-square-right"></i>
f152 arrow caret-square-o-right forward next triangle 3.2 5.0.0
Caret Square Up caret-square-up
<i class="fas fa-caret-square-up"></i>
f151 arrow caret-square-o-up collapse triangle upload 3.2 5.0.0
Caret Up caret-up
<i class="fas fa-caret-up"></i>
f0d8 arrow collapse triangle 2 5.0.0
Carrot carrot
<i class="fas fa-carrot"></i>
f787 bugs bunny orange vegan vegetable 5.6.0 5.10.1
Shopping Cart Arrow Down cart-arrow-down
<i class="fas fa-cart-arrow-down"></i>
f218 download save shopping 4.3 5.0.0
Add to Shopping Cart cart-plus
<i class="fas fa-cart-plus"></i>
f217 add create new positive shopping 4.3 5.0.0
Cash Register cash-register
<i class="fas fa-cash-register"></i>
f788 buy cha-ching change checkout commerce leaerboard machine pay payment purchase store 5.6.0
Cat cat
<i class="fas fa-cat"></i>
f6be feline halloween holiday kitten kitty meow pet 5.4.0 5.10.1
Amazon Pay Credit Card cc-amazon-pay
<i class="fab fa-cc-amazon-pay"></i>
f42d 5.0.2
American Express Credit Card cc-amex
<i class="fab fa-cc-amex"></i>
f1f3 amex 4.2 5.0.0 5.7.0
Apple Pay Credit Card cc-apple-pay
<i class="fab fa-cc-apple-pay"></i>
f416 5.0.0
Diner's Club Credit Card cc-diners-club
<i class="fab fa-cc-diners-club"></i>
f24c 4.4 5.0.0
Discover Credit Card cc-discover
<i class="fab fa-cc-discover"></i>
f1f2 4.2 5.0.0
JCB Credit Card cc-jcb
<i class="fab fa-cc-jcb"></i>
f24b 4.4 5.0.0
MasterCard Credit Card cc-mastercard
<i class="fab fa-cc-mastercard"></i>
f1f1 4.2 5.0.0
Paypal Credit Card cc-paypal
<i class="fab fa-cc-paypal"></i>
f1f4 4.2 5.0.0
Stripe Credit Card cc-stripe
<i class="fab fa-cc-stripe"></i>
f1f5 4.2 5.0.0
Visa Credit Card cc-visa
<i class="fab fa-cc-visa"></i>
f1f0 4.2 5.0.0
Centercode centercode
<i class="fab fa-centercode"></i>
f380 5.0.0
Centos centos
<i class="fab fa-centos"></i>
f789 linux operating system os 5.6.0 5.8.0
certificate certificate
<i class="fas fa-certificate"></i>
f0a3 badge star verified 2 5.0.0 5.10.1
Chair chair
<i class="fas fa-chair"></i>
f6c0 furniture seat sit 5.4.0
Chalkboard chalkboard
<i class="fas fa-chalkboard"></i>
f51b blackboard learning school teaching whiteboard writing 5.0.13
Chalkboard Teacher chalkboard-teacher
<i class="fas fa-chalkboard-teacher"></i>
f51c blackboard instructor learning professor school whiteboard writing 5.0.13
Charging Station charging-station
<i class="fas fa-charging-station"></i>
f5e7 electric ev tesla vehicle 5.2.0 5.10.1
Area Chart chart-area
<i class="fas fa-chart-area"></i>
f1fe analytics area chart graph 4.2 5.0.0
Bar Chart chart-bar
<i class="fas fa-chart-bar"></i>
f080 analytics bar chart graph 1 5.0.0 5.3.0
Line Chart chart-line
<i class="fas fa-chart-line"></i>
f201 activity analytics chart dashboard gain graph increase line 4.2 5.0.0 5.3.0
Pie Chart chart-pie
<i class="fas fa-chart-pie"></i>
f200 analytics chart diagram graph pie 4.2 5.0.0 5.3.0
Check check
<i class="fas fa-check"></i>
f00c accept agree checkmark confirm correct done notice notification notify ok select success tick todo yes 1 5.0.0
Check Circle check-circle
<i class="fas fa-check-circle"></i>
f058 accept agree confirm correct done ok select success tick todo yes 1 5.0.0
Double Check check-double
<i class="fas fa-check-double"></i>
f560 accept agree checkmark confirm correct done notice notification notify ok select success tick todo 5.1.0 5.8.2
Check Square check-square
<i class="fas fa-check-square"></i>
f14a accept agree checkmark confirm correct done ok select success tick todo yes 3.1 5.0.0
Cheese cheese
<i class="fas fa-cheese"></i>
f7ef cheddar curd gouda melt parmesan sandwich swiss wedge 5.7.0
Chess chess
<i class="fas fa-chess"></i>
f439 board castle checkmate game king rook strategy tournament 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Bishop chess-bishop
<i class="fas fa-chess-bishop"></i>
f43a board checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Board chess-board
<i class="fas fa-chess-board"></i>
f43c board checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.7.0 5.9.0
Chess King chess-king
<i class="fas fa-chess-king"></i>
f43f board checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Knight chess-knight
<i class="fas fa-chess-knight"></i>
f441 board checkmate game horse strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Pawn chess-pawn
<i class="fas fa-chess-pawn"></i>
f443 board checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Queen chess-queen
<i class="fas fa-chess-queen"></i>
f445 board checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chess Rook chess-rook
<i class="fas fa-chess-rook"></i>
f447 board castle checkmate game strategy 5.0.5 5.9.0
Chevron Circle Down chevron-circle-down
<i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-down"></i>
f13a arrow download dropdown menu more 3.1 5.0.0
Chevron Circle Left chevron-circle-left
<i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-left"></i>
f137 arrow back previous 3.1 5.0.0
Chevron Circle Right chevron-circle-right
<i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-right"></i>
f138 arrow forward next 3.1 5.0.0
Chevron Circle Up chevron-circle-up
<i class="fas fa-chevron-circle-up"></i>
f139 arrow collapse upload 3.1 5.0.0
chevron-down chevron-down
<i class="fas fa-chevron-down"></i>
f078 arrow download expand 1 5.0.0
chevron-left chevron-left
<i class="fas fa-chevron-left"></i>
f053 arrow back bracket previous 1 5.0.0
chevron-right chevron-right
<i class="fas fa-chevron-right"></i>
f054 arrow bracket forward next 1 5.0.0
chevron-up chevron-up
<i class="fas fa-chevron-up"></i>
f077 arrow collapse upload 1 5.0.0
Child child
<i class="fas fa-child"></i>
f1ae boy girl kid toddler young 4.1 5.0.0
Chrome chrome
<i class="fab fa-chrome"></i>
f268 browser 4.4 5.0.0
Chromecast chromecast
<i class="fab fa-chromecast"></i>
f838 5.8.0
Church church
<i class="fas fa-church"></i>
f51d building cathedral chapel community religion 5.0.13
Circle circle
<i class="fas fa-circle"></i>
f111 circle-thin diameter dot ellipse notification round 3 5.0.0 5.10.1
Circle Notched circle-notch
<i class="fas fa-circle-notch"></i>
f1ce circle-o-notch diameter dot ellipse round spinner 4.1 5.0.0
City city
<i class="fas fa-city"></i>
f64f buildings busy skyscrapers urban windows 5.3.0
Medical Clinic clinic-medical
<i class="fas fa-clinic-medical"></i>
f7f2 doctor general practitioner hospital infirmary medicine office outpatient 5.7.0
Clipboard clipboard
<i class="fas fa-clipboard"></i>
f328 copy notes paste record 5.0.0
Clipboard with Check clipboard-check
<i class="fas fa-clipboard-check"></i>
f46c accept agree confirm done ok select success tick todo yes 5.0.7
Clipboard List clipboard-list
<i class="fas fa-clipboard-list"></i>
f46d checklist completed done finished intinerary ol schedule tick todo ul 5.0.7
Clock clock
<i class="fas fa-clock"></i>
f017 date late schedule time timer timestamp watch 1 5.0.0
Clone clone
<i class="fas fa-clone"></i>
f24d arrange copy duplicate paste 4.4 5.0.0
Closed Captioning closed-captioning
<i class="fas fa-closed-captioning"></i>
f20a cc deaf hearing subtitle subtitling text video 4.2 5.0.0 5.10.1
Cloud cloud
<i class="fas fa-cloud"></i>
f0c2 atmosphere fog overcast save upload weather 2 5.0.0 5.0.11
Alternate Cloud Download cloud-download-alt
<i class="fas fa-cloud-download-alt"></i>
f381 download export save 5.0.0 5.0.11
Cloud with (a chance of) Meatball cloud-meatball
<i class="fas fa-cloud-meatball"></i>
f73b FLDSMDFR food spaghetti storm 5.5.0
Cloud with Moon cloud-moon
<i class="fas fa-cloud-moon"></i>
f6c3 crescent evening lunar night partly cloudy sky 5.4.0 5.5.0
Cloud with Moon and Rain cloud-moon-rain
<i class="fas fa-cloud-moon-rain"></i>
f73c crescent evening lunar night partly cloudy precipitation rain sky storm 5.5.0
Cloud with Rain cloud-rain
<i class="fas fa-cloud-rain"></i>
f73d precipitation rain sky storm 5.5.0
Cloud with Heavy Showers cloud-showers-heavy
<i class="fas fa-cloud-showers-heavy"></i>
f740 precipitation rain sky storm 5.5.0
Cloud with Sun cloud-sun
<i class="fas fa-cloud-sun"></i>
f6c4 clear day daytime fall outdoors overcast partly cloudy 5.4.0 5.5.0
Cloud with Sun and Rain cloud-sun-rain
<i class="fas fa-cloud-sun-rain"></i>
f743 day overcast precipitation storm summer sunshower 5.5.0
Alternate Cloud Upload cloud-upload-alt
<i class="fas fa-cloud-upload-alt"></i>
f382 cloud-upload import save upload 5.0.0 5.0.11 cloudscale
<i class="fab fa-cloudscale"></i>
f383 5.0.0
Cloudsmith cloudsmith
<i class="fab fa-cloudsmith"></i>
f384 5.0.0
cloudversify cloudversify
<i class="fab fa-cloudversify"></i>
f385 5.0.0
Cocktail cocktail
<i class="fas fa-cocktail"></i>
f561 alcohol beverage drink gin glass margarita martini vodka 5.1.0 5.10.1
Code code
<i class="fas fa-code"></i>
f121 brackets code development html 3.1 5.0.0
Code Branch code-branch
<i class="fas fa-code-branch"></i>
f126 branch code-fork fork git github rebase svn vcs version 5.0.0
Codepen codepen
<i class="fab fa-codepen"></i>
f1cb 4.1 5.0.0
Codie Pie codiepie
<i class="fab fa-codiepie"></i>
f284 4.5 5.0.0
Coffee coffee
<i class="fas fa-coffee"></i>
f0f4 beverage breakfast cafe drink fall morning mug seasonal tea 3 5.0.0
cog cog
<i class="fas fa-cog"></i>
f013 gear mechanical settings sprocket wheel 1 5.0.0
cogs cogs
<i class="fas fa-cogs"></i>
f085 gears mechanical settings sprocket wheel 1 5.0.0
Coins coins
<i class="fas fa-coins"></i>
f51e currency dime financial gold money penny 5.0.13
Columns columns
<i class="fas fa-columns"></i>
f0db browser dashboard organize panes split 2 5.0.0
comment comment
<i class="fas fa-comment"></i>
f075 bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message note notification sms speech texting 1 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.10.1
Alternate Comment comment-alt
<i class="fas fa-comment-alt"></i>
f27a bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message note notification sms speech texting 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Comment Dollar comment-dollar
<i class="fas fa-comment-dollar"></i>
f651 bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message money note notification pay sms speech spend texting transfer 5.3.0
Comment Dots comment-dots
<i class="fas fa-comment-dots"></i>
f4ad bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message more note notification reply sms speech texting 5.0.9
Alternate Medical Chat comment-medical
<i class="fas fa-comment-medical"></i>
f7f5 advice bubble chat commenting conversation diagnose feedback message note notification prescription sms speech texting 5.7.0
Comment Slash comment-slash
<i class="fas fa-comment-slash"></i>
f4b3 bubble cancel chat commenting conversation feedback message mute note notification quiet sms speech texting 5.0.9
comments comments
<i class="fas fa-comments"></i>
f086 bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message note notification sms speech texting 1 5.0.0 5.0.9
Comments Dollar comments-dollar
<i class="fas fa-comments-dollar"></i>
f653 bubble chat commenting conversation feedback message money note notification pay sms speech spend texting transfer 5.3.0
Compact Disc compact-disc
<i class="fas fa-compact-disc"></i>
f51f album bluray cd disc dvd media movie music record video vinyl 5.0.13 5.10.1
Compass compass
<i class="fas fa-compass"></i>
f14e directions directory location menu navigation safari travel 3.2 5.0.0 5.2.0
Compress compress
<i class="fas fa-compress"></i>
f066 collapse fullscreen minimize move resize shrink smaller 5.0.0
Alternate Compress Arrows compress-arrows-alt
<i class="fas fa-compress-arrows-alt"></i>
f78c collapse fullscreen minimize move resize shrink smaller 5.6.0
Concierge Bell concierge-bell
<i class="fas fa-concierge-bell"></i>
f562 attention hotel receptionist service support 5.1.0
Confluence confluence
<i class="fab fa-confluence"></i>
f78d atlassian 5.6.0
Connect Develop connectdevelop
<i class="fab fa-connectdevelop"></i>
f20e 4.3 5.0.0
Contao contao
<i class="fab fa-contao"></i>
f26d 4.4 5.0.0
Cookie cookie
<i class="fas fa-cookie"></i>
f563 baked good chips chocolate eat snack sweet treat 5.1.0
Cookie Bite cookie-bite
<i class="fas fa-cookie-bite"></i>
f564 baked good bitten chips chocolate eat snack sweet treat 5.1.0
Copy copy
<i class="fas fa-copy"></i>
f0c5 clone duplicate file files-o paper paste 2 5.0.0
Copyright copyright
<i class="fas fa-copyright"></i>
f1f9 brand mark register trademark 4.2 5.0.0 5.10.1
Cotton Bureau cotton-bureau
<i class="fab fa-cotton-bureau"></i>
f89e clothing t-shirts tshirts 5.10.0
Couch couch
<i class="fas fa-couch"></i>
f4b8 chair cushion furniture relax sofa 5.0.9
cPanel cpanel
<i class="fab fa-cpanel"></i>
f388 5.0.0
Creative Commons creative-commons
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons"></i>
f25e 4.4 5.0.0 5.0.11 5.1.0
Creative Commons Attribution creative-commons-by
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-by"></i>
f4e7 5.0.11
Creative Commons Noncommercial creative-commons-nc
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-nc"></i>
f4e8 5.0.11
Creative Commons Noncommercial (Euro Sign) creative-commons-nc-eu
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-nc-eu"></i>
f4e9 5.0.11
Creative Commons Noncommercial (Yen Sign) creative-commons-nc-jp
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-nc-jp"></i>
f4ea 5.0.11
Creative Commons No Derivative Works creative-commons-nd
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-nd"></i>
f4eb 5.0.11
Creative Commons Public Domain creative-commons-pd
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-pd"></i>
f4ec 5.0.11
Alternate Creative Commons Public Domain creative-commons-pd-alt
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-pd-alt"></i>
f4ed 5.0.11
Creative Commons Remix creative-commons-remix
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-remix"></i>
f4ee 5.0.11
Creative Commons Share Alike creative-commons-sa
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-sa"></i>
f4ef 5.0.11
Creative Commons Sampling creative-commons-sampling
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-sampling"></i>
f4f0 5.0.11
Creative Commons Sampling + creative-commons-sampling-plus
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-sampling-plus"></i>
f4f1 5.0.11
Creative Commons Share creative-commons-share
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-share"></i>
f4f2 5.0.11
Creative Commons CC0 creative-commons-zero
<i class="fab fa-creative-commons-zero"></i>
f4f3 5.0.11 5.4.0
Credit Card credit-card
<i class="fas fa-credit-card"></i>
f09d buy checkout credit-card-alt debit money payment purchase 2 5.0.0
Critical Role critical-role
<i class="fab fa-critical-role"></i>
f6c9 Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy game gaming tabletop 5.4.0 5.8.0
crop crop
<i class="fas fa-crop"></i>
f125 design frame mask resize shrink 3.1 5.0.0 5.1.0
Alternate Crop crop-alt
<i class="fas fa-crop-alt"></i>
f565 design frame mask resize shrink 5.1.0
Cross cross
<i class="fas fa-cross"></i>
f654 catholicism christianity church jesus 5.3.0 5.10.1
Crosshairs crosshairs
<i class="fas fa-crosshairs"></i>
f05b aim bullseye gpd picker position 1 5.0.0
Crow crow
<i class="fas fa-crow"></i>
f520 bird bullfrog fauna halloween holiday toad 5.0.13
Crown crown
<i class="fas fa-crown"></i>
f521 award favorite king queen royal tiara 5.0.13
Crutch crutch
<i class="fas fa-crutch"></i>
f7f7 cane injury mobility wheelchair 5.7.0
CSS 3 Logo css3
<i class="fab fa-css3"></i>
f13c code 3.1 5.0.0
Alternate CSS3 Logo css3-alt
<i class="fab fa-css3-alt"></i>
f38b 5.0.0
Cube cube
<i class="fas fa-cube"></i>
f1b2 3d block dice package square tesseract 4.1 5.0.0
Cubes cubes
<i class="fas fa-cubes"></i>
f1b3 3d block dice package pyramid square stack tesseract 4.1 5.0.0
Cut cut
<i class="fas fa-cut"></i>
f0c4 clip scissors snip 2 5.0.0 5.1.0
Cuttlefish cuttlefish
<i class="fab fa-cuttlefish"></i>
f38c 5.0.0
Dungeons & Dragons d-and-d
<i class="fab fa-d-and-d"></i>
f38d 5.0.0
D&D Beyond d-and-d-beyond
<i class="fab fa-d-and-d-beyond"></i>
f6ca Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy gaming tabletop 5.4.0
DashCube dashcube
<i class="fab fa-dashcube"></i>
f210 4.3 5.0.0 5.0.3
Database database
<i class="fas fa-database"></i>
f1c0 computer development directory memory storage 4.1 5.0.0
Deaf deaf
<i class="fas fa-deaf"></i>
f2a4 ear hearing sign language 4.6 5.0.0
Delicious delicious
<i class="fab fa-delicious"></i>
f1a5 4.1 5.0.0 5.7.0
Democrat democrat
<i class="fas fa-democrat"></i>
f747 american democratic party donkey election left left-wing liberal politics usa 5.5.0 deploydog
<i class="fab fa-deploydog"></i>
f38e 5.0.0
Deskpro deskpro
<i class="fab fa-deskpro"></i>
f38f 5.0.0
Desktop desktop
<i class="fas fa-desktop"></i>
f108 computer cpu demo desktop device imac machine monitor pc screen 3 5.0.0
DEV dev
<i class="fab fa-dev"></i>
f6cc 5.4.0
deviantART deviantart
<i class="fab fa-deviantart"></i>
f1bd 4.1 5.0.0
Dharmachakra dharmachakra
<i class="fas fa-dharmachakra"></i>
f655 buddhism buddhist wheel of dharma 5.3.0
DHL dhl
<i class="fab fa-dhl"></i>
f790 Dalsey Hillblom and Lynn german package shipping 5.6.0
Diagnoses diagnoses
<i class="fas fa-diagnoses"></i>
f470 analyze detect diagnosis examine medicine 5.0.7 5.7.0
Diaspora diaspora
<i class="fab fa-diaspora"></i>
f791 5.6.0 5.8.0
Dice dice
<i class="fas fa-dice"></i>
f522 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice D20 dice-d20
<i class="fas fa-dice-d20"></i>
f6cf Dungeons & Dragons chance d&d dnd fantasy gambling game roll 5.4.0
Dice D6 dice-d6
<i class="fas fa-dice-d6"></i>
f6d1 Dungeons & Dragons chance d&d dnd fantasy gambling game roll 5.4.0
Dice Five dice-five
<i class="fas fa-dice-five"></i>
f523 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice Four dice-four
<i class="fas fa-dice-four"></i>
f524 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice One dice-one
<i class="fas fa-dice-one"></i>
f525 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice Six dice-six
<i class="fas fa-dice-six"></i>
f526 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice Three dice-three
<i class="fas fa-dice-three"></i>
f527 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Dice Two dice-two
<i class="fas fa-dice-two"></i>
f528 chance gambling game roll 5.0.13
Digg Logo digg
<i class="fab fa-digg"></i>
f1a6 4.1 5.0.0
Digital Ocean digital-ocean
<i class="fab fa-digital-ocean"></i>
f391 5.0.0 5.7.0
Digital Tachograph digital-tachograph
<i class="fas fa-digital-tachograph"></i>
f566 data distance speed tachometer 5.1.0
Directions directions
<i class="fas fa-directions"></i>
f5eb map navigation sign turn 5.2.0
Discord discord
<i class="fab fa-discord"></i>
f392 5.0.0
Discourse discourse
<i class="fab fa-discourse"></i>
f393 5.0.0 5.0.3
Divide divide
<i class="fas fa-divide"></i>
f529 arithmetic calculus division math 5.0.13
Dizzy Face dizzy
<i class="fas fa-dizzy"></i>
f567 dazed dead disapprove emoticon face 5.1.0
DNA dna
<i class="fas fa-dna"></i>
f471 double helix genetic helix molecule protein 5.0.7 5.0.10
DocHub dochub
<i class="fab fa-dochub"></i>
f394 5.0.0
Docker docker
<i class="fab fa-docker"></i>
f395 5.0.0
Dog dog
<i class="fas fa-dog"></i>
f6d3 animal canine fauna mammal pet pooch puppy woof 5.4.0
Dollar Sign dollar-sign
<i class="fas fa-dollar-sign"></i>
f155 $ cost dollar-sign money price usd 3.2 5.0.0 5.0.9
Dolly dolly
<i class="fas fa-dolly"></i>
f472 carry shipping transport 5.0.7
Dolly Flatbed dolly-flatbed
<i class="fas fa-dolly-flatbed"></i>
f474 carry inventory shipping transport 5.0.7
Donate donate
<i class="fas fa-donate"></i>
f4b9 contribute generosity gift give 5.0.9
Door Closed door-closed
<i class="fas fa-door-closed"></i>
f52a enter exit locked 5.0.13
Door Open door-open
<i class="fas fa-door-open"></i>
f52b enter exit welcome 5.0.13
Dot Circle dot-circle
<i class="fas fa-dot-circle"></i>
f192 bullseye notification target 4 5.0.0
Dove dove
<i class="fas fa-dove"></i>
f4ba bird fauna flying peace war 5.0.9 5.10.1
Download download
<i class="fas fa-download"></i>
f019 export hard drive save transfer 1 5.0.0
Draft2digital draft2digital
<i class="fab fa-draft2digital"></i>
f396 5.0.0
Drafting Compass drafting-compass
<i class="fas fa-drafting-compass"></i>
f568 design map mechanical drawing plot plotting 5.1.0
Dragon dragon
<i class="fas fa-dragon"></i>
f6d5 Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy fire lizard serpent 5.4.0
Draw Polygon draw-polygon
<i class="fas fa-draw-polygon"></i>
f5ee anchors lines object render shape 5.2.0
Dribbble dribbble
<i class="fab fa-dribbble"></i>
f17d 5.0.0
Dribbble Square dribbble-square
<i class="fab fa-dribbble-square"></i>
f397 5.0.0
Dropbox dropbox
<i class="fab fa-dropbox"></i>
f16b 3.2 5.0.0 5.0.1
Drum drum
<i class="fas fa-drum"></i>
f569 instrument music percussion snare sound 5.1.0
Drum Steelpan drum-steelpan
<i class="fas fa-drum-steelpan"></i>
f56a calypso instrument music percussion reggae snare sound steel tropical 5.1.0
Drumstick with Bite Taken Out drumstick-bite
<i class="fas fa-drumstick-bite"></i>
f6d7 bone chicken leg meat poultry turkey 5.4.0 5.7.0
Drupal Logo drupal
<i class="fab fa-drupal"></i>
f1a9 4.1 5.0.0
Dumbbell dumbbell
<i class="fas fa-dumbbell"></i>
f44b exercise gym strength weight weight-lifting 5.0.5
Dumpster dumpster
<i class="fas fa-dumpster"></i>
f793 alley bin commercial trash waste 5.6.0
Dumpster Fire dumpster-fire
<i class="fas fa-dumpster-fire"></i>
f794 alley bin commercial danger dangerous euphemism flame heat hot trash waste 5.6.0
Dungeon dungeon
<i class="fas fa-dungeon"></i>
f6d9 Dungeons & Dragons building d&d dnd door entrance fantasy gate 5.4.0
Dyalog dyalog
<i class="fab fa-dyalog"></i>
f399 5.0.0
Earlybirds earlybirds
<i class="fab fa-earlybirds"></i>
f39a 5.0.0
eBay ebay
<i class="fab fa-ebay"></i>
f4f4 5.0.11 5.7.0
Edge Browser edge
<i class="fab fa-edge"></i>
f282 browser ie 4.5 5.0.0
Edit edit
<i class="fas fa-edit"></i>
f044 edit pen pencil update write 1 5.0.0
Egg egg
<i class="fas fa-egg"></i>
f7fb breakfast chicken easter shell yolk 5.7.0
eject eject
<i class="fas fa-eject"></i>
f052 abort cancel cd discharge 1 5.0.0
Elementor elementor
<i class="fab fa-elementor"></i>
f430 5.0.3
Horizontal Ellipsis ellipsis-h
<i class="fas fa-ellipsis-h"></i>
f141 dots drag kebab list menu nav navigation ol reorder settings ul 3.1 5.0.0
Vertical Ellipsis ellipsis-v
<i class="fas fa-ellipsis-v"></i>
f142 dots drag kebab list menu nav navigation ol reorder settings ul 3.1 5.0.0
Ello ello
<i class="fab fa-ello"></i>
f5f1 5.2.0
Ember ember
<i class="fab fa-ember"></i>
f423 5.0.0 5.0.3
Galactic Empire empire
<i class="fab fa-empire"></i>
f1d1 4.1 5.0.0
Envelope envelope
<i class="fas fa-envelope"></i>
f0e0 e-mail email letter mail message notification support 2 5.0.0
Envelope Open envelope-open
<i class="fas fa-envelope-open"></i>
f2b6 e-mail email letter mail message notification support 4.7 5.0.0 5.10.1
Envelope Open-text envelope-open-text
<i class="fas fa-envelope-open-text"></i>
f658 e-mail email letter mail message notification support 5.3.0 5.10.1
Envelope Square envelope-square
<i class="fas fa-envelope-square"></i>
f199 e-mail email letter mail message notification support 4.1 5.0.0
Envira Gallery envira
<i class="fab fa-envira"></i>
f299 leaf 4.6 5.0.0
Equals equals
<i class="fas fa-equals"></i>
f52c arithmetic even match math 5.0.13
eraser eraser
<i class="fas fa-eraser"></i>
f12d art delete remove rubber 3.1 5.0.0 5.8.0
Erlang erlang
<i class="fab fa-erlang"></i>
f39d 5.0.0 5.0.3 5.7.0
Ethereum ethereum
<i class="fab fa-ethereum"></i>
f42e 5.0.2
Ethernet ethernet
<i class="fas fa-ethernet"></i>
f796 cable cat 5 cat 6 connection hardware internet network wired 5.6.0
Etsy etsy
<i class="fab fa-etsy"></i>
f2d7 4.7 5.0.0
Euro Sign euro-sign
<i class="fas fa-euro-sign"></i>
f153 currency dollar exchange money 3.2 5.0.0
Evernote evernote
<i class="fab fa-evernote"></i>
f839 5.8.0
Alternate Exchange exchange-alt
<i class="fas fa-exchange-alt"></i>
f362 arrow arrows exchange reciprocate return swap transfer 5.0.0
exclamation exclamation
<i class="fas fa-exclamation"></i>
f12a alert danger error important notice notification notify problem warning 3.1 5.0.0 5.10.1
Exclamation Circle exclamation-circle
<i class="fas fa-exclamation-circle"></i>
f06a alert danger error important notice notification notify problem warning 1 5.0.0
Exclamation Triangle exclamation-triangle
<i class="fas fa-exclamation-triangle"></i>
f071 alert danger error important notice notification notify problem warning 1 5.0.0 5.6.1
Expand expand
<i class="fas fa-expand"></i>
f065 arrow bigger enlarge resize 5.0.0
Alternate Expand Arrows expand-arrows-alt
<i class="fas fa-expand-arrows-alt"></i>
f31e arrows-alt bigger enlarge move resize 5.0.0 5.8.0
ExpeditedSSL expeditedssl
<i class="fab fa-expeditedssl"></i>
f23e 4.4 5.0.0
Alternate External Link external-link-alt
<i class="fas fa-external-link-alt"></i>
f35d external-link new open share 5.0.0
Alternate External Link Square external-link-square-alt
<i class="fas fa-external-link-square-alt"></i>
f360 external-link-square new open share 5.0.0
Eye eye
<i class="fas fa-eye"></i>
f06e look optic see seen show sight views visible 1 5.0.0 5.7.0
Eye Dropper eye-dropper
<i class="fas fa-eye-dropper"></i>
f1fb beaker clone color copy eyedropper pipette 4.2 5.0.0 5.1.0
Eye Slash eye-slash
<i class="fas fa-eye-slash"></i>
f070 blind hide show toggle unseen views visible visiblity 1 5.0.0 5.7.0
Facebook facebook
<i class="fab fa-facebook"></i>
f09a facebook-official social network 2 5.0.0 5.8.2
Facebook F facebook-f
<i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i>
f39e facebook 5.0.0 5.8.2
Facebook Messenger facebook-messenger
<i class="fab fa-facebook-messenger"></i>
f39f 5.0.0 5.8.2 5.9.0
Facebook Square facebook-square
<i class="fab fa-facebook-square"></i>
f082 social network 1 5.0.0 5.8.2
Fan fan
<i class="fas fa-fan"></i>
f863 ac air conditioning blade blower cool hot 5.9.0 5.10.1
Fantasy Flight-games fantasy-flight-games
<i class="fab fa-fantasy-flight-games"></i>
f6dc Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy game gaming tabletop 5.4.0
fast-backward fast-backward
<i class="fas fa-fast-backward"></i>
f049 beginning first previous rewind start 1 5.0.0
fast-forward fast-forward
<i class="fas fa-fast-forward"></i>
f050 end last next 1 5.0.0
Fax fax
<i class="fas fa-fax"></i>
f1ac business communicate copy facsimile send 4.1 5.0.0 5.3.0
Feather feather
<i class="fas fa-feather"></i>
f52d bird light plucked quill write 5.0.13 5.1.0
Alternate Feather feather-alt
<i class="fas fa-feather-alt"></i>
f56b bird light plucked quill write 5.1.0
FedEx fedex
<i class="fab fa-fedex"></i>
f797 Federal Express package shipping 5.6.0
Fedora fedora
<i class="fab fa-fedora"></i>
f798 linux operating system os 5.6.0 5.6.3 5.8.0
Female female
<i class="fas fa-female"></i>
f182 human person profile user woman 3.2 5.0.0
fighter-jet fighter-jet
<i class="fas fa-fighter-jet"></i>
f0fb airplane fast fly goose maverick plane quick top gun transportation travel 3 5.0.0
Figma figma
<i class="fab fa-figma"></i>
f799 app design interface 5.6.0 5.7.0 5.8.0
File file
<i class="fas fa-file"></i>
f15b document new page pdf resume 3.2 5.0.0 5.10.1
Alternate File file-alt
<i class="fas fa-file-alt"></i>
f15c document file-text invoice new page pdf 3.2 5.0.0
Archive File file-archive
<i class="fas fa-file-archive"></i>
f1c6 .zip bundle compress compression download zip 4.1 5.0.0 5.7.0
Audio File file-audio
<i class="fas fa-file-audio"></i>
f1c7 document mp3 music page play sound 4.1 5.0.0
Code File file-code
<i class="fas fa-file-code"></i>
f1c9 css development document html 4.1 5.0.0
File Contract file-contract
<i class="fas fa-file-contract"></i>
f56c agreement binding document legal signature 5.1.0
File CSV file-csv
<i class="fas fa-file-csv"></i>
f6dd document excel numbers spreadsheets table 5.4.0
File Download file-download
<i class="fas fa-file-download"></i>
f56d document export save 5.1.0
Excel File file-excel
<i class="fas fa-file-excel"></i>
f1c3 csv document numbers spreadsheets table 4.1 5.0.0
File Export file-export
<i class="fas fa-file-export"></i>
f56e download save 5.1.0 5.7.0
Image File file-image
<i class="fas fa-file-image"></i>
f1c5 document image jpg photo png 4.1 5.0.0
File Import file-import
<i class="fas fa-file-import"></i>
f56f copy document send upload 5.1.0 5.7.0
File Invoice file-invoice
<i class="fas fa-file-invoice"></i>
f570 account bill charge document payment receipt 5.1.0
File Invoice with US Dollar file-invoice-dollar
<i class="fas fa-file-invoice-dollar"></i>
f571 $ account bill charge document dollar-sign money payment receipt usd 5.1.0
Medical File file-medical
<i class="fas fa-file-medical"></i>
f477 document health history prescription record 5.0.7
Alternate Medical File file-medical-alt
<i class="fas fa-file-medical-alt"></i>
f478 document health history prescription record 5.0.7
PDF File file-pdf
<i class="fas fa-file-pdf"></i>
f1c1 acrobat document preview save 4.1 5.0.0
Powerpoint File file-powerpoint
<i class="fas fa-file-powerpoint"></i>
f1c4 display document keynote presentation 4.1 5.0.0
File Prescription file-prescription
<i class="fas fa-file-prescription"></i>
f572 document drugs medical medicine rx 5.1.0
File Signature file-signature
<i class="fas fa-file-signature"></i>
f573 John Hancock contract document name 5.1.0
File Upload file-upload
<i class="fas fa-file-upload"></i>
f574 document import page save 5.1.0
Video File file-video
<i class="fas fa-file-video"></i>
f1c8 document m4v movie mp4 play 4.1 5.0.0
Word File file-word
<i class="fas fa-file-word"></i>
f1c2 document edit page text writing 4.1 5.0.0
Fill fill
<i class="fas fa-fill"></i>
f575 bucket color paint paint bucket 5.1.0
Fill Drip fill-drip
<i class="fas fa-fill-drip"></i>
f576 bucket color drop paint paint bucket spill 5.1.0
Film film
<i class="fas fa-film"></i>
f008 cinema movie strip video 1 5.0.0
Filter filter
<i class="fas fa-filter"></i>
f0b0 funnel options separate sort 2 5.0.0 5.10.1
Fingerprint fingerprint
<i class="fas fa-fingerprint"></i>
f577 human id identification lock smudge touch unique unlock 5.1.0
fire fire
<i class="fas fa-fire"></i>
f06d burn caliente flame heat hot popular 1 5.0.0 5.6.0 5.6.3 5.10.1
Alternate Fire fire-alt
<i class="fas fa-fire-alt"></i>
f7e4 burn caliente flame heat hot popular 5.6.3
fire-extinguisher fire-extinguisher
<i class="fas fa-fire-extinguisher"></i>
f134 burn caliente fire fighter flame heat hot rescue 3.1 5.0.0
Firefox firefox
<i class="fab fa-firefox"></i>
f269 browser 4.4 5.0.0 5.0.1
First Aid first-aid
<i class="fas fa-first-aid"></i>
f479 emergency emt health medical rescue 5.0.7
First Order first-order
<i class="fab fa-first-order"></i>
f2b0 4.6 5.0.0
Alternate First Order first-order-alt
<i class="fab fa-first-order-alt"></i>
f50a 5.0.12
firstdraft firstdraft
<i class="fab fa-firstdraft"></i>
f3a1 5.0.0
Fish fish
<i class="fas fa-fish"></i>
f578 fauna gold seafood swimming 5.1.0 5.10.1
Raised Fist fist-raised
<i class="fas fa-fist-raised"></i>
f6de Dungeons & Dragons d&d dnd fantasy hand ki monk resist strength unarmed combat 5.4.0
flag flag
<i class="fas fa-flag"></i>
f024 country notice notification notify pole report symbol 1 5.0.0
flag-checkered flag-checkered
<i class="fas fa-flag-checkered"></i>
f11e notice notification notify pole racing report symbol 3.1 5.0.0 5.7.0 5.10.1
United States of America Flag flag-usa
<i class="fas fa-flag-usa"></i>
f74d betsy ross country old glory stars stripes symbol 5.5.0
Flask flask
<i class="fas fa-flask"></i>
f0c3 beaker experimental labs science 2 5.0.0
Flickr flickr
<i class="fab fa-flickr"></i>
f16e 3.2 5.0.0
Flipboard flipboard
<i class="fab fa-flipboard"></i>
f44d 5.0.5 5.0.9
Flushed Face flushed
<i class="fas fa-flushed"></i>
f579 embarrassed emoticon face 5.1.0
Fly fly
<i class="fab fa-fly"></i>
f417 5.0.0
Folder folder
<i class="fas fa-folder"></i>
f07b archive directory document file 1 5.0.0 5.3.0 5.10.1
Folder Minus folder-minus
<i class="fas fa-folder-minus"></i>
f65d archive delete directory document file negative remove 5.3.0
Folder Open folder-open
<i class="fas fa-folder-open"></i>
f07c archive directory document empty file new 1 5.0.0
Folder Plus folder-plus
<i class="fas fa-folder-plus"></i>
f65e add archive create directory document file new positive 5.3.0
font font
<i class="fas fa-font"></i>
f031 alphabet glyph text type typeface 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Font Awesome font-awesome
<i class="fab fa-font-awesome"></i>
f2b4 meanpath 4.6 5.0.0
Alternate Font Awesome font-awesome-alt
<i class="fab fa-font-awesome-alt"></i>
f35c 5.0.0
Font Awesome Flag font-awesome-flag
<i class="fab fa-font-awesome-flag"></i>
f425 5.0.0 5.0.1
Font Awesome Full Logo font-awesome-logo-full
<i class="far fa-font-awesome-logo-full"></i>
f4e6 5.0.11
Fonticons fonticons
<i class="fab fa-fonticons"></i>
f280 4.4 5.0.0
Fonticons Fi fonticons-fi
<i class="fab fa-fonticons-fi"></i>
f3a2 5.0.0
Football Ball football-ball
<i class="fas fa-football-ball"></i>
f44e ball fall nfl pigskin seasonal 5.0.5
Fort Awesome fort-awesome
<i class="fab fa-fort-awesome"></i>
f286 castle 4.5 5.0.0 5.0.3
Alternate Fort Awesome fort-awesome-alt
<i class="fab fa-fort-awesome-alt"></i>
f3a3 castle 5.0.0
Forumbee forumbee
<i class="fab fa-forumbee"></i>
f211 4.3 5.0.0
forward forward
<i class="fas fa-forward"></i>
f04e forward next skip 1 5.0.0
Foursquare foursquare
<i class="fab fa-foursquare"></i>
f180 3.2 5.0.0
Free Code Camp free-code-camp
<i class="fab fa-free-code-camp"></i>
f2c5 4.7 5.0.0
FreeBSD freebsd
<i class="fab fa-freebsd"></i>
f3a4 5.0.0
Frog frog
<i class="fas fa-frog"></i>
f52e amphibian bullfrog fauna hop kermit kiss prince ribbit toad wart 5.0.13
Frowning Face frown
<i class="fas fa-frown"></i>
f119 disapprove emoticon face rating sad 3.1 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.1.0
Frowning Face With Open Mouth frown-open
<i class="fas fa-frown-open"></i>
f57a disapprove emoticon face rating sad 5.1.0
Fulcrum fulcrum
<i class="fab fa-fulcrum"></i>
f50b 5.0.12 5.8.0
Funnel Dollar funnel-dollar
<i class="fas fa-funnel-dollar"></i>
f662 filter money options separate sort 5.3.0
Futbol futbol
<i class="fas fa-futbol"></i>
f1e3 ball football mls soccer 4.2 5.0.0 5.0.5
Galactic Republic galactic-republic
<i class="fab fa-galactic-republic"></i>
f50c politics star wars 5.0.12
Galactic Senate galactic-senate
<i class="fab fa-galactic-senate"></i>
f50d star wars 5.0.12
Gamepad gamepad
<i class="fas fa-gamepad"></i>
f11b controller d-pad joystick video 3.1 5.0.0
Gas Pump gas-pump
<i class="fas fa-gas-pump"></i>
f52f car fuel gasoline petrol 5.0.13 5.10.1
Gavel gavel
<i class="fas fa-gavel"></i>
f0e3 hammer judge law lawyer opinion 2 5.0.0
Gem gem
<i class="fas fa-gem"></i>
f3a5 diamond jewelry sapphire stone treasure 5.0.0 5.10.1
Genderless genderless
<i class="fas fa-genderless"></i>
f22d androgynous asexual sexless 4.4 5.0.0
Get Pocket get-pocket
<i class="fab fa-get-pocket"></i>
f265 4.4 5.0.0
GG Currency gg
<i class="fab fa-gg"></i>
f260 4.4 5.0.0
GG Currency Circle gg-circle
<i class="fab fa-gg-circle"></i>
f261 4.4 5.0.0
Ghost ghost
<i class="fas fa-ghost"></i>
f6e2 apparition blinky clyde floating halloween holiday inky pinky spirit 5.4.0
gift gift
<i class="fas fa-gift"></i>
f06b christmas generosity giving holiday party present wrapped xmas 1 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.6.0
Gifts gifts
<i class="fas fa-gifts"></i>
f79c christmas generosity giving holiday party present wrapped xmas 5.6.0
Git git
<i class="fab fa-git"></i>
f1d3 4.1 5.0.0 5.8.2
Git Alt git-alt
<i class="fab fa-git-alt"></i>
f841 5.8.2
Git Square git-square
<i class="fab fa-git-square"></i>
f1d2 4.1 5.0.0 5.8.2
GitHub github
<i class="fab fa-github"></i>
f09b octocat 2 5.0.0
Alternate GitHub github-alt
<i class="fab fa-github-alt"></i>
f113 octocat 3 5.0.0
GitHub Square github-square
<i class="fab fa-github-square"></i>
f092 octocat 1 5.0.0
GitKraken gitkraken
<i class="fab fa-gitkraken"></i>
f3a6 5.0.0
GitLab gitlab
<i class="fab fa-gitlab"></i>
f296 Axosoft 4.6 5.0.0 5.7.0
Gitter gitter
<i class="fab fa-gitter"></i>
f426 5.0.0
Glass Cheers glass-cheers
<i class="fas fa-glass-cheers"></i>
f79f alcohol bar beverage celebration champagne clink drink holiday new year's eve party toast 5.6.0
Martini Glass glass-martini
<i class="fas fa-glass-martini"></i>
f000 alcohol bar beverage drink liquor 1 5.0.0 5.1.0 5.10.1
Alternate Glass Martini glass-martini-alt
<i class="fas fa-glass-martini-alt"></i>
f57b alcohol bar beverage drink liquor 5.1.0
Glass Whiskey glass-whiskey
<i class="fas fa-glass-whiskey"></i>
f7a0 alcohol bar beverage bourbon drink liquor neat rye scotch whisky 5.6.0
Glasses glasses
<i class="fas fa-glasses"></i>
f530 hipster nerd reading sight spectacles vision 5.0.13
Glide glide
<i class="fab fa-glide"></i>
f2a5 4.6 5.0.0
Glide G glide-g
<i class="fab fa-glide-g"></i>
f2a6 4.6 5.0.0
Globe globe
<i class="fas fa-globe"></i>
f0ac all coordinates country earth global gps language localize location map online place planet translate travel world 2 5.0.0 5.0.9
Globe with Africa shown globe-africa
<i class="fas fa-globe-africa"></i>
f57c all country earth global gps language localize location map online place planet translate travel world 5.1.0
Globe with Americas shown globe-americas
<i class="fas fa-globe-americas"></i>
f57d all country earth global gps language localize location map online place planet translate travel world 5.1.0
Globe with Asia shown globe-asia
<i class="fas fa-globe-asia"></i>
f57e all country earth global gps language localize location map online place planet translate travel world 5.1.0
Globe with Europe shown globe-europe
<i class="fas fa-globe-europe"></i>
f7a2 all country earth global gps language localize location map online place planet translate travel world 5.6.0
Gofore gofore
<i class="fab fa-gofore"></i>
f3a7 5.0.0
Golf Ball golf-ball
<i class="fas fa-golf-ball"></i>
f450 caddy eagle putt tee 5.0.5
Goodreads goodreads
<i class="fab fa-goodreads"></i>
f3a8 5.0.0
Goodreads G goodreads-g
<i class="fab fa-goodreads-g"></i>
f3a9 5.0.0
Google Logo google
<i class="fab fa-google"></i>
f1a0 4.1 5.0.0
Google Drive google-drive
<i class="fab fa-google-drive"></i>
f3aa 5.0.0
Google Play google-play
<i class="fab fa-google-play"></i>
f3ab 5.0.0
Google Plus google-plus
<i class="fab fa-google-plus"></i>
f2b3 google-plus-circle google-plus-official 4.6 5.0.0
Google Plus G google-plus-g
<i class="fab fa-google-plus-g"></i>
f0d5 google-plus social network 2 5.0.0
Google Plus Square google-plus-square
<i class="fab fa-google-plus-square"></i>
f0d4 social network 2 5.0.0
Google Wallet google-wallet
<i class="fab fa-google-wallet"></i>
f1ee 4.2 5.0.0
Gopuram gopuram
<i class="fas fa-gopuram"></i>
f664 building entrance hinduism temple tower 5.3.0 5.7.0
Graduation Cap graduation-cap
<i class="fas fa-graduation-cap"></i>
f19d ceremony college graduate learning school student 4.1 5.0.0 5.2.0 5.10.1
Gratipay (Gittip) gratipay
<i class="fab fa-gratipay"></i>
f184 favorite heart like love 3.2 5.0.0
Grav grav
<i class="fab fa-grav"></i>
f2d6 4.7 5.0.0
Greater Than greater-than
<i class="fas fa-greater-than"></i>
f531 arithmetic compare math 5.0.13
Greater Than Equal To greater-than-equal
<i class="fas fa-greater-than-equal"></i>
f532 arithmetic compare math 5.0.13
Grimacing Face grimace
<i class="fas fa-grimace"></i>
f57f cringe emoticon face teeth 5.1.0
Grinning Face grin
<i class="fas fa-grin"></i>
f580 emoticon face laugh smile 5.1.0
Alternate Grinning Face grin-alt
<i class="fas fa-grin-alt"></i>
f581 emoticon face laugh smile 5.1.0
Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes grin-beam
<i class="fas fa-grin-beam"></i>
f582 emoticon face laugh smile 5.1.0
Grinning Face With Sweat grin-beam-sweat
<i class="fas fa-grin-beam-sweat"></i>
f583 embarass emoticon face smile 5.1.0
Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes grin-hearts
<i class="fas fa-grin-hearts"></i>
f584 emoticon face love smile 5.1.0
Grinning Squinting Face grin-squint
<i class="fas fa-grin-squint"></i>
f585 emoticon face laugh smile 5.1.0
Rolling on the Floor Laughing grin-squint-tears
<i class="fas fa-grin-squint-tears"></i>
f586 emoticon face happy smile 5.1.0
Star-Struck grin-stars
<i class="fas fa-grin-stars"></i>
f587 emoticon face star-struck 5.1.0
Face With Tears of Joy grin-tears
<i class="fas fa-grin-tears"></i>
f588 LOL emoticon face 5.1.0
Face With Tongue grin-tongue
<i class="fas fa-grin-tongue"></i>
f589 LOL emoticon face 5.1.0
Squinting Face With Tongue grin-tongue-squint
<i class="fas fa-grin-tongue-squint"></i>
f58a LOL emoticon face 5.1.0
Winking Face With Tongue grin-tongue-wink
<i class="fas fa-grin-tongue-wink"></i>
f58b LOL emoticon face 5.1.0
Grinning Winking Face grin-wink
<i class="fas fa-grin-wink"></i>
f58c emoticon face flirt laugh smile 5.1.0 5.1.1
Grip Horizontal grip-horizontal
<i class="fas fa-grip-horizontal"></i>
f58d affordance drag drop grab handle 5.1.0
Grip Lines grip-lines
<i class="fas fa-grip-lines"></i>
f7a4 affordance drag drop grab handle 5.6.0
Grip Lines Vertical grip-lines-vertical
<i class="fas fa-grip-lines-vertical"></i>
f7a5 affordance drag drop grab handle 5.6.0
Grip Vertical grip-vertical
<i class="fas fa-grip-vertical"></i>
f58e affordance drag drop grab handle 5.1.0
Gripfire, Inc. gripfire
<i class="fab fa-gripfire"></i>
f3ac 5.0.0
Grunt grunt
<i class="fab fa-grunt"></i>
f3ad 5.0.0
Guitar guitar
<i class="fas fa-guitar"></i>
f7a6 acoustic instrument music rock rock and roll song strings 5.6.0
Gulp gulp
<i class="fab fa-gulp"></i>
f3ae 5.0.0
H Square h-square
<i class="fas fa-h-square"></i>
f0fd directions emergency hospital hotel map 3 5.0.0
Hacker News hacker-news
<i class="fab fa-hacker-news"></i>
f1d4 4.1 5.0.0
Hacker News Square hacker-news-square
<i class="fab fa-hacker-news-square"></i>
f3af 5.0.0
Hackerrank hackerrank
<i class="fab fa-hackerrank"></i>
f5f7 5.2.0 5.8.0
Hamburger hamburger
<i class="fas fa-hamburger"></i>
f805 bacon beef burger burger king cheeseburger fast food grill ground beef mcdonalds sandwich 5.7.0
Hammer hammer
<i class="fas fa-hammer"></i>
f6e3 admin fix repair settings tool 5.4.0
Hamsa hamsa
<i class="fas fa-hamsa"></i>
f665 amulet christianity islam jewish judaism muslim protection 5.3.0
Hand Holding hand-holding
<i class="fas fa-hand-holding"></i>
f4bd carry lift 5.0.9
Hand Holding Heart hand-holding-heart
<i class="fas fa-hand-holding-heart"></i>
f4be carry charity gift lift package 5.0.9
Hand Holding US Dollar hand-holding-usd
<i class="fas fa-hand-holding-usd"></i>
f4c0 $ carry dollar sign donation giving lift money price 5.0.9
Lizard (Hand) hand-lizard
<i class="fas fa-hand-lizard"></i>
f258 game roshambo 4.4 5.0.0
Hand with Middle Finger Raised hand-middle-finger
<i class="fas fa-hand-middle-finger"></i>
f806 flip the bird gesture hate rude 5.7.0
Paper (Hand) hand-paper
<i class="fas fa-hand-paper"></i>
f256 game halt roshambo stop 4.4 5.0.0
Peace (Hand) hand-peace
<i class="fas fa-hand-peace"></i>
f25b rest truce 4.4 5.0.0
Hand Pointing Down hand-point-down
<i class="fas fa-hand-point-down"></i>
f0a7 finger hand-o-down point 2 5.0.0
Hand Pointing Left hand-point-left
<i class="fas fa-hand-point-left"></i>
f0a5 back finger hand-o-left left point previous 2 5.0.0
Hand Pointing Right hand-point-right
<i class="fas fa-hand-point-right"></i>
f0a4 finger forward hand-o-right next point right 2 5.0.0
Hand Pointing Up hand-point-up
<i class="fas fa-hand-point-up"></i>
f0a6 finger hand-o-up point 2 5.0.0
Pointer (Hand) hand-pointer
<i class="fas fa-hand-pointer"></i>
f25a arrow cursor select 4.4 5.0.0
Rock (Hand) hand-rock
<i class="fas fa-hand-rock"></i>
f255 fist game roshambo 4.4 5.0.0
Scissors (Hand) hand-scissors
<i class="fas fa-hand-scissors"></i>
f257 cut game roshambo 4.4 5.0.0
Spock (Hand) hand-spock
<i class="fas fa-hand-spock"></i>
f259 live long prosper salute star trek vulcan 4.4 5.0.0
Hands hands
<i class="fas fa-hands"></i>
f4c2 carry hold lift 5.0.9
Helping Hands hands-helping
<i class="fas fa-hands-helping"></i>
f4c4 aid assistance handshake partnership volunteering 5.0.9
Handshake handshake
<i class="fas fa-handshake"></i>
f2b5 agreement greeting meeting partnership 4.7 5.0.0 5.0.9
Hanukiah hanukiah
<i class="fas fa-hanukiah"></i>
f6e6 candle hanukkah jewish judaism light 5.4.0
Hard Hat hard-hat
<i class="fas fa-hard-hat"></i>
f807 construction hardhat helmet safety 5.7.0
Hashtag hashtag
<i class="fas fa-hashtag"></i>
f292 Twitter instagram pound social media tag 4.5 5.0.0
Wizard's Hat hat-wizard
<i class="fas fa-hat-wizard"></i>
f6e8 Dungeons & Dragons accessory buckle clothing d&d dnd fantasy halloween head holiday mage magic pointy witch 5.4.0
Haykal haykal
<i class="fas fa-haykal"></i>
f666 bahai bahá'í star 5.3.0
HDD hdd
<i class="fas fa-hdd"></i>
f0a0 cpu hard drive harddrive machine save storage 2 5.0.0 5.10.1
heading heading
<i class="fas fa-heading"></i>
f1dc format header text title 4.1 5.0.0 5.9.0 5.10.1
headphones headphones
<i class="fas fa-headphones"></i>
f025 audio listen music sound speaker 1 5.0.0
Alternate Headphones headphones-alt
<i class="fas fa-headphones-alt"></i>
f58f audio listen music sound speaker 5.1.0
Headset headset
<i class="fas fa-headset"></i>
f590 audio gamer gaming listen live chat microphone shot caller sound support telemarketer 5.1.0
Heart heart
<i class="fas fa-heart"></i>
f004 favorite like love relationship valentine 1 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.10.1
Heart Broken heart-broken
<i class="fas fa-heart-broken"></i>
f7a9 breakup crushed dislike dumped grief love lovesick relationship sad 5.6.0
Heartbeat heartbeat
<i class="fas fa-heartbeat"></i>
f21e ekg electrocardiogram health lifeline vital signs 4.3 5.0.0 5.0.7
Helicopter helicopter
<i class="fas fa-helicopter"></i>
f533 airwolf apache chopper flight fly travel 5.0.13
Highlighter highlighter
<i class="fas fa-highlighter"></i>
f591 edit marker sharpie update write 5.1.0 5.10.1
Hiking hiking
<i class="fas fa-hiking"></i>
f6ec activity backpack fall fitness outdoors person seasonal walking 5.4.0
Hippo hippo
<i class="fas fa-hippo"></i>
f6ed animal fauna hippopotamus hungry mammal 5.4.0 5.10.1
Hips hips
<i class="fab fa-hips"></i>
f452 5.0.5
HireAHelper hire-a-helper
<i class="fab fa-hire-a-helper"></i>
f3b0 5.0.0
History history
<i class="fas fa-history"></i>
f1da Rewind clock reverse time time machine 4.1 5.0.0
Hockey Puck hockey-puck
<i class="fas fa-hockey-puck"></i>
f453 ice nhl sport 5.0.5
Holly Berry holly-berry
<i class="fas fa-holly-berry"></i>
f7aa catwoman christmas decoration flora halle holiday ororo munroe plant storm xmas 5.6.0
home home
<i class="fas fa-home"></i>
f015 abode building house main 1 5.0.0 5.7.0
Hooli hooli
<i class="fab fa-hooli"></i>
f427 5.0.0 5.7.0
Hornbill hornbill
<i class="fab fa-hornbill"></i>
f592 5.1.0 5.8.0
Horse horse
<i class="fas fa-horse"></i>
f6f0 equus fauna mammmal mare neigh pony 5.4.0 5.10.1
Horse Head horse-head
<i class="fas fa-horse-head"></i>
f7ab equus fauna mammmal mare neigh pony 5.6.0 5.10.1
hospital hospital
<i class="fas fa-hospital"></i>
f0f8 building emergency room medical center 3 5.0.0
Alternate Hospital hospital-alt
<i class="fas fa-hospital-alt"></i>
f47d building emergency room medical center 5.0.7
Hospital Symbol hospital-symbol
<i class="fas fa-hospital-symbol"></i>
f47e clinic emergency map 5.0.7
Hot Tub hot-tub
<i class="fas fa-hot-tub"></i>
f593 bath jacuzzi massage sauna spa 5.1.0
Hot Dog hotdog
<i class="fas fa-hotdog"></i>
f80f bun chili frankfurt frankfurter kosher polish sandwich sausage vienna weiner 5.7.0
Hotel hotel
<i class="fas fa-hotel"></i>
f594 building inn lodging motel resort travel 5.1.0
Hotjar hotjar
<i class="fab fa-hotjar"></i>
f3b1 5.0.0
Hourglass hourglass
<i class="fas fa-hourglass"></i>
f254 hour minute sand stopwatch time 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Hourglass End hourglass-end
<i class="fas fa-hourglass-end"></i>
f253 hour minute sand stopwatch time 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Hourglass Half hourglass-half
<i class="fas fa-hourglass-half"></i>
f252 hour minute sand stopwatch time 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Hourglass Start hourglass-start
<i class="fas fa-hourglass-start"></i>
f251 hour minute sand stopwatch time 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Damaged House house-damage
<i class="fas fa-house-damage"></i>
f6f1 building devastation disaster home insurance 5.4.0
Houzz houzz
<i class="fab fa-houzz"></i>
f27c 4.4 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.8.0
Hryvnia hryvnia
<i class="fas fa-hryvnia"></i>
f6f2 currency money ukraine ukrainian 5.4.0
HTML 5 Logo html5
<i class="fab fa-html5"></i>
f13b 3.1 5.0.0
HubSpot hubspot
<i class="fab fa-hubspot"></i>
f3b2 5.0.0
I Beam Cursor i-cursor
<i class="fas fa-i-cursor"></i>
f246 editing i-beam type writing 4.4 5.0.0
Ice Cream ice-cream
<i class="fas fa-ice-cream"></i>
f810 chocolate cone dessert frozen scoop sorbet vanilla yogurt 5.7.0
Icicles icicles
<i class="fas fa-icicles"></i>
f7ad cold frozen hanging ice seasonal sharp 5.6.0
Icons icons
<i class="fas fa-icons"></i>
f86d bolt emoji heart image music photo symbols 5.9.0
Identification Badge id-badge
<i class="fas fa-id-badge"></i>
f2c1 address contact identification license profile 4.7 5.0.0 5.0.3
Identification Card id-card
<i class="fas fa-id-card"></i>
f2c2 contact demographics document identification issued profile 4.7 5.0.0 5.0.3 5.8.0 5.10.1
Alternate Identification Card id-card-alt
<i class="fas fa-id-card-alt"></i>
f47f contact demographics document identification issued profile 5.0.7 5.10.1
Igloo igloo
<i class="fas fa-igloo"></i>
f7ae dome dwelling eskimo home house ice snow 5.6.0
Image image
<i class="fas fa-image"></i>
f03e album landscape photo picture 1 5.0.0 5.10.1
Images images
<i class="fas fa-images"></i>
f302 album landscape photo picture 1 5.0.0 5.10.1
IMDB imdb
<i class="fab fa-imdb"></i>
f2d8 4.7 5.0.0
inbox inbox
<i class="fas fa-inbox"></i>
f01c archive desk email mail message 1 5.0.0
Indent indent
<i class="fas fa-indent"></i>
f03c align justify paragraph tab 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Industry industry
<i class="fas fa-industry"></i>
f275 building factory industrial manufacturing mill warehouse 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Infinity infinity
<i class="fas fa-infinity"></i>
f534 eternity forever math 5.0.13 5.3.0 5.10.1
Info info
<i class="fas fa-info"></i>
f129 details help information more support 3.1 5.0.0 5.10.1
Info Circle info-circle
<i class="fas fa-info-circle"></i>
f05a details help information more support 1 5.0.0
Instagram instagram
<i class="fab fa-instagram"></i>
f16d 4.6 5.0.0
Intercom intercom
<i class="fab fa-intercom"></i>
f7af app customer messenger 5.6.0
Internet-explorer internet-explorer
<i class="fab fa-internet-explorer"></i>
f26b browser ie 4.4 5.0.0
InVision invision
<i class="fab fa-invision"></i>
f7b0 app design interface 5.6.0
ioxhost ioxhost
<i class="fab fa-ioxhost"></i>
f208 4.2 5.0.0
italic italic
<i class="fas fa-italic"></i>
f033 edit emphasis font format text type 1 5.0.0 5.9.0 5.10.1 itch-io
<i class="fab fa-itch-io"></i>
f83a 5.8.0
iTunes itunes
<i class="fab fa-itunes"></i>
f3b4 5.0.0
Itunes Note itunes-note
<i class="fab fa-itunes-note"></i>
f3b5 5.0.0
Java java
<i class="fab fa-java"></i>
f4e4 5.0.10 5.7.0 5.8.0
Jedi jedi
<i class="fas fa-jedi"></i>
f669 crest force sith skywalker star wars yoda 5.3.0
Jedi Order jedi-order
<i class="fab fa-jedi-order"></i>
f50e star wars 5.0.12 5.7.0
Jenkis jenkins
<i class="fab fa-jenkins"></i>
f3b6 5.0.0
Jira jira
<i class="fab fa-jira"></i>
f7b1 atlassian 5.6.0
Joget joget
<i class="fab fa-joget"></i>
f3b7 5.0.0
Joint joint
<i class="fas fa-joint"></i>
f595 blunt cannabis doobie drugs marijuana roach smoke smoking spliff 5.1.0
Joomla Logo joomla
<i class="fab fa-joomla"></i>
f1aa 4.1 5.0.0
Journal of the Whills journal-whills
<i class="fas fa-journal-whills"></i>
f66a book force jedi sith star wars yoda 5.3.0
JavaScript (JS) js
<i class="fab fa-js"></i>
f3b8 5.0.0
JavaScript (JS) Square js-square
<i class="fab fa-js-square"></i>
f3b9 5.0.0 5.0.3
jsFiddle jsfiddle
<i class="fab fa-jsfiddle"></i>
f1cc 4.1 5.0.0
Kaaba kaaba
<i class="fas fa-kaaba"></i>
f66b building cube islam muslim 5.3.0
Kaggle kaggle
<i class="fab fa-kaggle"></i>
f5fa 5.2.0 5.8.0
key key
<i class="fas fa-key"></i>
f084 lock password private secret unlock 1 5.0.0 5.10.1
Keybase keybase
<i class="fab fa-keybase"></i>
f4f5 5.0.11 5.8.0
Keyboard keyboard
<i class="fas fa-keyboard"></i>
f11c accessory edit input text type write 3.1 5.0.0
KeyCDN keycdn
<i class="fab fa-keycdn"></i>
f3ba 5.0.0
Khanda khanda
<i class="fas fa-khanda"></i>
f66d chakkar sikh sikhism sword 5.3.0
Kickstarter kickstarter
<i class="fab fa-kickstarter"></i>
f3bb 5.0.0
Kickstarter K kickstarter-k
<i class="fab fa-kickstarter-k"></i>
f3bc 5.0.0
Kissing Face kiss
<i class="fas fa-kiss"></i>
f596 beso emoticon face love smooch 5.1.0 5.1.1
Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes kiss-beam
<i class="fas fa-kiss-beam"></i>
f597 beso emoticon face love smooch 5.1.0
Face Blowing a Kiss kiss-wink-heart
<i class="fas fa-kiss-wink-heart"></i>
f598 beso emoticon face love smooch 5.1.0
Kiwi Bird kiwi-bird
<i class="fas fa-kiwi-bird"></i>
f535 bird fauna new zealand 5.0.13
KORVUE korvue
<i class="fab fa-korvue"></i>
f42f 5.0.2
Landmark landmark
<i class="fas fa-landmark"></i>
f66f building historic memorable monument politics 5.3.0
Language language
<i class="fas fa-language"></i>
f1ab dialect idiom localize speech translate vernacular 4.1 5.0.0
Laptop laptop
<i class="fas fa-laptop"></i>
f109 computer cpu dell demo device mac macbook machine pc 3 5.0.0 5.2.0
Laptop Code laptop-code
<i class="fas fa-laptop-code"></i>
f5fc computer cpu dell demo develop device mac macbook machine pc 5.2.0
Laptop Medical laptop-medical
<i class="fas fa-laptop-medical"></i>
f812 computer device ehr electronic health records history 5.7.0
Laravel laravel
<i class="fab fa-laravel"></i>
f3bd 5.0.0 5.0.3 lastfm
<i class="fab fa-lastfm"></i>
f202 4.2 5.0.0 Square lastfm-square
<i class="fab fa-lastfm-square"></i>
f203 4.2 5.0.0 5.0.11
Grinning Face With Big Eyes laugh
<i class="fas fa-laugh"></i>
f599 LOL emoticon face laugh smile 5.1.0
Laugh Face with Beaming Eyes laugh-beam
<i class="fas fa-laugh-beam"></i>
f59a LOL emoticon face happy smile 5.1.0
Laughing Squinting Face laugh-squint
<i class="fas fa-laugh-squint"></i>
f59b LOL emoticon face happy smile 5.1.0
Laughing Winking Face laugh-wink
<i class="fas fa-laugh-wink"></i>
f59c LOL emoticon face happy smile 5.1.0
Layer Group layer-group
<i class="fas fa-layer-group"></i>
f5fd arrange develop layers map stack 5.2.0
leaf leaf
<i class="fas fa-leaf"></i>
f06c eco flora nature plant vegan 1 5.0.0 5.0.9
Leanpub leanpub
<i class="fab fa-leanpub"></i>
f212 4.3 5.0.0
Lemon lemon
<i class="fas fa-lemon"></i>
f094 citrus lemonade lime tart 1 5.0.0
Less less
<i class="fab fa-less"></i>
f41d 5.0.0
Less Than less-than
<i class="fas fa-less-than"></i>
f536 arithmetic compare math 5.0.13
Less Than Equal To less-than-equal
<i class="fas fa-less-than-equal"></i>
f537 arithmetic compare math 5.0.13
Alternate Level Down level-down-alt
<i class="fas fa-level-down-alt"></i>
f3be arrow level-down 5.0.0
Alternate Level Up level-up-alt
<i class="fas fa-level-up-alt"></i>
f3bf arrow level-up 5.0.0
Life Ring life-ring
<i class="fas fa-life-ring"></i>
f1cd coast guard help overboard save support 4.1 5.0.0
Lightbulb lightbulb
<i class="fas fa-lightbulb"></i>
f0eb energy idea inspiration light 3 5.0.0 5.3.0
Line line
<i class="fab fa-line"></i>
f3c0 5.0.0
Link link
<i class="fas fa-link"></i>
f0c1 attach attachment chain connect 2 5.0.0
LinkedIn linkedin
<i class="fab fa-linkedin"></i>
f08c linkedin-square 1 5.0.0
LinkedIn In linkedin-in
<i class="fab fa-linkedin-in"></i>
f0e1 linkedin 2 5.0.0 5.4.1 5.8.0 5.8.1
Linode linode
<i class="fab fa-linode"></i>
f2b8 4.7 5.0.0
Linux linux
<i class="fab fa-linux"></i>
f17c tux 3.2 5.0.0
Turkish Lira Sign lira-sign
<i class="fas fa-lira-sign"></i>
f195 currency money try turkish 4 5.0.0
List list
<i class="fas fa-list"></i>
f03a checklist completed done finished ol todo ul 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Alternate List list-alt
<i class="fas fa-list-alt"></i>
f022 checklist completed done finished ol todo ul 1 5.0.0
list-ol list-ol
<i class="fas fa-list-ol"></i>
f0cb checklist completed done finished numbers ol todo ul 2 5.0.0 5.9.0
list-ul list-ul
<i class="fas fa-list-ul"></i>
f0ca checklist completed done finished ol todo ul 2 5.0.0 5.9.0
location-arrow location-arrow
<i class="fas fa-location-arrow"></i>
f124 address compass coordinate direction gps map navigation place 3.1 5.0.0
lock lock
<i class="fas fa-lock"></i>
f023 admin lock open password private protect security 1 5.0.0
Lock Open lock-open
<i class="fas fa-lock-open"></i>
f3c1 admin lock open password private protect security 3.1 5.0.0 5.0.1
Alternate Long Arrow Down long-arrow-alt-down
<i class="fas fa-long-arrow-alt-down"></i>
f309 download long-arrow-down 5.0.0
Alternate Long Arrow Left long-arrow-alt-left
<i class="fas fa-long-arrow-alt-left"></i>
f30a back long-arrow-left previous 5.0.0
Alternate Long Arrow Right long-arrow-alt-right
<i class="fas fa-long-arrow-alt-right"></i>
f30b forward long-arrow-right next 5.0.0
Alternate Long Arrow Up long-arrow-alt-up
<i class="fas fa-long-arrow-alt-up"></i>
f30c long-arrow-up upload 5.0.0
Low Vision low-vision
<i class="fas fa-low-vision"></i>
f2a8 blind eye sight 4.6 5.0.0
Luggage Cart luggage-cart
<i class="fas fa-luggage-cart"></i>
f59d bag baggage suitcase travel 5.1.0
lyft lyft
<i class="fab fa-lyft"></i>
f3c3 5.0.0
Magento magento
<i class="fab fa-magento"></i>
f3c4 5.0.0
magic magic
<i class="fas fa-magic"></i>
f0d0 autocomplete automatic mage magic spell wand witch wizard 2 5.0.0 5.1.0
magnet magnet
<i class="fas fa-magnet"></i>
f076 Attract lodestone tool 1 5.0.0 5.8.0
Mail Bulk mail-bulk
<i class="fas fa-mail-bulk"></i>
f674 archive envelope letter post office postal postcard send stamp usps 5.3.0
Mailchimp mailchimp
<i class="fab fa-mailchimp"></i>
f59e 5.1.0 5.7.0 5.8.0 5.8.2
Male male
<i class="fas fa-male"></i>
f183 human man person profile user 3.2 5.0.0
Mandalorian mandalorian
<i class="fab fa-mandalorian"></i>
f50f 5.0.12 5.8.0
Map map
<i class="fas fa-map"></i>
f279 address coordinates destination gps localize location map navigation paper pin place point of interest position route travel 4.4 5.0.0 5.1.0
Map Marked map-marked
<i class="fas fa-map-marked"></i>
f59f address coordinates destination gps localize location map navigation paper pin place point of interest position route travel 5.1.0
Alternate Map Marked map-marked-alt
<i class="fas fa-map-marked-alt"></i>
f5a0 address coordinates destination gps localize location map navigation paper pin place point of interest position route travel 5.1.0
map-marker map-marker
<i class="fas fa-map-marker"></i>
f041 address coordinates destination gps localize location map navigation paper pin place point of interest position route travel 1 5.0.0
Alternate Map Marker map-marker-alt
<i class="fas fa-map-marker-alt"></i>
f3c5 address coordinates destination gps localize location map navigation paper pin place point of interest position route travel 5.0.0
Map Pin map-pin
<i class="fas fa-map-pin"></i>
f276 address agree coordinates destination gps localize location map marker navigation pin place position travel 4.4 5.0.0 5.2.0
Map Signs map-signs
<i class="fas fa-map-signs"></i>
f277 directions directory map signage wayfinding 4.4 5.0.0 5.2.0
Markdown markdown
<i class="fab fa-markdown"></i>
f60f 5.2.0 5.7.0
Marker marker
<i class="fas fa-marker"></i>
f5a1 design edit sharpie update write 5.1.0
Mars mars
<i class="fas fa-mars"></i>
f222 male 4.3 5.0.0
Mars Double mars-double
<i class="fas fa-mars-double"></i>
f227 4.3 5.0.0
Mars Stroke mars-stroke
<i class="fas fa-mars-stroke"></i>
f229 4.3 5.0.0
Mars Stroke Horizontal mars-stroke-h
<i class="fas fa-mars-stroke-h"></i>
f22b 4.3 5.0.0
Mars Stroke Vertical mars-stroke-v
<i class="fas fa-mars-stroke-v"></i>
f22a 4.3 5.0.0
Mask mask
<i class="fas fa-mask"></i>
f6fa carnivale costume disguise halloween secret super hero 5.4.0 5.10.1
Mastodon mastodon
<i class="fab fa-mastodon"></i>
f4f6 5.0.11 5.8.0
MaxCDN maxcdn
<i class="fab fa-maxcdn"></i>
f136 3.1 5.0.0
Medal medal
<i class="fas fa-medal"></i>
f5a2 award ribbon star trophy 5.1.0
MedApps medapps
<i class="fab fa-medapps"></i>
f3c6 5.0.0
Medium medium
<i class="fab fa-medium"></i>
f23a 4.3 5.0.0
Medium M medium-m
<i class="fab fa-medium-m"></i>
f3c7 5.0.0
medkit medkit
<i class="fas fa-medkit"></i>
f0fa first aid firstaid health help support 3 5.0.0
MRT medrt
<i class="fab fa-medrt"></i>
f3c8 5.0.0
Meetup meetup
<i class="fab fa-meetup"></i>
f2e0 4.7 5.0.0
Megaport megaport
<i class="fab fa-megaport"></i>
f5a3 5.1.0
Neutral Face meh
<i class="fas fa-meh"></i>
f11a emoticon face neutral rating 3.1 5.0.0 5.0.9 5.1.0
Face Without Mouth meh-blank
<i class="fas fa-meh-blank"></i>
f5a4 emoticon face neutral rating 5.1.0
Face With Rolling Eyes meh-rolling-eyes
<i class="fas fa-meh-rolling-eyes"></i>
f5a5 emoticon face neutral rating 5.1.0
Memory memory
<i class="fas fa-memory"></i>
f538 DIMM RAM hardware storage technology 5.0.13
Mendeley mendeley
<i class="fab fa-mendeley"></i>
f7b3 5.6.0
Menorah menorah
<i class="fas fa-menorah"></i>
f676 candle hanukkah jewish judaism light 5.3.0 5.4.0
Mercury mercury
<i class="fas fa-mercury"></i>
f223 transgender 4.3 5.0.0
Meteor meteor
<i class="fas fa-meteor"></i>
f753 armageddon asteroid comet shooting star space 5.5.0
Microchip microchip
<i class="fas fa-microchip"></i>
f2db cpu hardware processor technology 4.7 5.0.0
microphone microphone
<i class="fas fa-microphone"></i>
f130 audio podcast record sing sound voice 3.1 5.0.0 5.0.13
Alternate Microphone microphone-alt
<i class="fas fa-microphone-alt"></i>
f3c9 audio podcast record sing sound voice 5.0.0 5.0.13
Alternate Microphone Slash microphone-alt-slash
<i class="fas fa-microphone-alt-slash"></i>
f539 audio disable mute podcast record sing sound voice 5.0.13
Microphone Slash microphone-slash
<i class="fas fa-microphone-slash"></i>
f131 audio disable mute podcast record sing sound voice 3.1 5.0.0 5.0.13
Microscope microscope
<i class="fas fa-microscope"></i>
f610 electron lens optics science shrink 5.2.0
Microsoft microsoft
<i class="fab fa-microsoft"></i>
f3ca 5.0.0
minus minus
<i class="fas fa-minus"></i>
f068 collapse delete hide minify negative remove trash 1 5.0.0
Minus Circle minus-circle
<i class="fas fa-minus-circle"></i>
f056 delete hide negative remove shape trash 1 5.0.0
Minus Square minus-square
<i class="fas fa-minus-square"></i>
f146 collapse delete hide minify negative remove shape trash 3.1 5.0.0
Mitten mitten
<i class="fas fa-mitten"></i>
f7b5 clothing cold glove hands knitted seasonal warmth 5.6.0
Mix mix
<i class="fab fa-mix"></i>
f3cb 5.0.0 5.0.3
Mixcloud mixcloud
<i class="fab fa-mixcloud"></i>
f289 4.5 5.0.0
Mizuni mizuni
<i class="fab fa-mizuni"></i>
f3cc 5.0.0
Mobile Phone mobile
<i class="fas fa-mobile"></i>
f10b apple call cell phone cellphone device iphone number screen telephone 3 5.0.0
Alternate Mobile mobile-alt
<i class="fas fa-mobile-alt"></i>
f3cd apple call cell phone cellphone device iphone number screen telephone 5.0.0
MODX modx
<i class="fab fa-modx"></i>
f285 4.5 5.0.0
Monero monero
<i class="fab fa-monero"></i>
f3d0 5.0.0
Money Bill money-bill
<i class="fas fa-money-bill"></i>
f0d6 buy cash checkout money payment price purchase 2 5.0.0 5.0.13
Alternate Money Bill money-bill-alt
<i class="fas fa-money-bill-alt"></i>
f3d1 buy cash checkout money payment price purchase 5.0.0 5.0.13
Wavy Money Bill money-bill-wave
<i class="fas fa-money-bill-wave"></i>
f53a buy cash checkout money payment price purchase 5.0.13
Alternate Wavy Money Bill money-bill-wave-alt
<i class="fas fa-money-bill-wave-alt"></i>
f53b buy cash checkout money payment price purchase 5.0.13
Money Check money-check
<i class="fas fa-money-check"></i>
f53c bank check buy checkout cheque money payment price purchase 5.0.13
Alternate Money Check money-check-alt
<i class="fas fa-money-check-alt"></i>
f53d bank check buy checkout cheque money payment price purchase 5.0.13
Monument monument
<i class="fas fa-monument"></i>
f5a6 building historic landmark memorable 5.1.0
Moon moon
<i class="fas fa-moon"></i>
f186 contrast crescent dark lunar night 3.2 5.0.0
Mortar Pestle mortar-pestle
<i class="fas fa-mortar-pestle"></i>
f5a7 crush culinary grind medical mix pharmacy prescription spices 5.1.0
Mosque mosque
<i class="fas fa-mosque"></i>
f678 building islam landmark muslim 5.3.0
Motorcycle motorcycle
<i class="fas fa-motorcycle"></i>
f21c bike machine transportation vehicle 4.3 5.0.0
Mountain mountain
<i class="fas fa-mountain"></i>
f6fc glacier hiking hill landscape travel view 5.4.0
Mouse Pointer mouse-pointer
<i class="fas fa-mouse-pointer"></i>
f245 arrow cursor select 4.4 5.0.0 5.0.3
Mug Hot mug-hot
<i class="fas fa-mug-hot"></i>
f7b6 caliente cocoa coffee cup drink holiday hot chocolate steam tea warmth 5.6.0
Music music
<i class="fas fa-music"></i>
f001 lyrics melody note sing sound 1 5.0.0 5.2.0
Napster napster
<i class="fab fa-napster"></i>
f3d2 5.0.0
Neos neos
<i class="fab fa-neos"></i>
f612 5.2.0 5.8.0
Wired Network network-wired
<i class="fas fa-network-wired"></i>
f6ff computer connect ethernet internet intranet 5.4.0
Neuter neuter
<i class="fas fa-neuter"></i>
f22c 4.3 5.0.0
Newspaper newspaper
<i class="fas fa-newspaper"></i>
f1ea article editorial headline journal journalism news press 4.2 5.0.0
Nimblr nimblr
<i class="fab fa-nimblr"></i>
f5a8 5.1.0 5.8.0
Node.js node
<i class="fab fa-node"></i>
f419 5.0.0
Node.js JS node-js
<i class="fab fa-node-js"></i>
f3d3 5.0.0 5.0.3
Not Equal not-equal
<i class="fas fa-not-equal"></i>
f53e arithmetic compare math 5.0.13
Medical Notes notes-medical
<i class="fas fa-notes-medical"></i>
f481 clipboard doctor ehr health history records 5.0.7
npm npm
<i class="fab fa-npm"></i>
f3d4 5.0.0
NS8 ns8
<i class="fab fa-ns8"></i>
f3d5 5.0.0
Nutritionix nutritionix
<i class="fab fa-nutritionix"></i>
f3d6 5.0.0
Object Group object-group
<i class="fas fa-object-group"></i>
f247 combine copy design merge select 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Object Ungroup object-ungroup
<i class="fas fa-object-ungroup"></i>
f248 copy design merge select separate 4.4 5.0.0 5.10.1
Odnoklassniki odnoklassniki
<i class="fab fa-odnoklassniki"></i>
f263 4.4 5.0.0
Odnoklassniki Square odnoklassniki-square
<i class="fab fa-odnoklassniki-square"></i>
f264 4.4 5.0.0
Oil Can oil-can
<i class="fas fa-oil-can"></i>
f613 auto crude gasoline grease lubricate petroleum 5.2.0 5.10.1
Old Republic old-republic
<i class="fab fa-old-republic"></i>
f510 politics star wars 5.0.12
Om om
<i class="fas fa-om"></i>
f679 buddhism hinduism jainism mantra 5.3.0
OpenCart opencart
<i class="fab fa-opencart"></i>
f23d 4.4 5.0.0
OpenID openid
<i class="fab fa-openid"></i>
f19b 4.1 5.0.0
Opera opera
<i class="fab fa-opera"></i>
f26a 4.4 5.0.0
Optin Monster optin-monster
<i class="fab fa-optin-monster"></i>
f23c 4.4 5.0.0 5.7.0
Open Source Initiative osi
<i class="fab fa-osi"></i>
f41a 5.0.0 5.8.0
Otter otter
<i class="fas fa-otter"></i>
f700 animal badger fauna fur mammal marten 5.4.0
Outdent outdent
<i class="fas fa-outdent"></i>
f03b align justify paragraph tab 1 5.0.0 5.9.0
page4 Corporation page4
<i class="fab fa-page4"></i>
f3d7 5.0.0
Pagelines pagelines
<i class="fab fa-pagelines"></i>
f18c eco flora leaf leaves nature plant tree 4 5.0.0
Pager pager
<i class="fas fa-pager"></i>
f815 beeper cellphone communication 5.7.0
Paint Brush paint-brush
<i class="fas fa-paint-brush"></i>
f1fc acrylic art brush color fill paint pigment watercolor 4.2 5.0.0 5.1.0
Paint Roller paint-roller
<i class="fas fa-paint-roller"></i>
f5aa acrylic art brush color fill paint pigment watercolor 5.1.0
Palette palette
<i class="fas fa-palette"></i>
f53f acrylic art brush color fill paint pigment watercolor 5.0.13
Palfed palfed
<i class="fab fa-palfed"></i>
f3d8 5.0.0 5.0.3
Pallet pallet
<i class="fas fa-pallet"></i>
f482 archive box inventory shipping warehouse 5.0.7
Paper Plane paper-plane
<i class="fas fa-paper-plane"></i>
f1d8 air float fold mail paper send 4.1 5.0.0
Paperclip paperclip
<i class="fas fa-paperclip"></i>
f0c6 attach attachment connect link 2 5.0.0
Parachute Box parachute-box
<i class="fas fa-parachute-box"></i>
f4cd aid assistance rescue supplies 5.0.9
paragraph paragraph
<i class="fas fa-paragraph"></i>
f1dd edit format text writing 4.1 5.0.0 5.9.0
Parking parking
<i class="fas fa-parking"></i>
f540 auto car garage meter 5.0.13
Passport passport
<i class="fas fa-passport"></i>
f5ab document id identification issued travel 5.1.0
Pastafarianism pastafarianism
<i class="fas fa-pastafarianism"></i>
f67b agnosticism atheism flying spaghetti monster fsm 5.3.0
Paste paste
<i class="fas fa-paste"></i>
f0ea clipboard copy document paper 2 5.0.0
Patreon patreon
<i class="fab fa-patreon"></i>
f3d9 5.0.0 5.0.3
pause pause
<i class="fas fa-pause"></i>
f04c hold wait 1 5.0.0
Pause Circle pause-circle
<i class="fas fa-pause-circle"></i>
f28b hold wait 4.5 5.0.0
Paw paw
<i class="fas fa-paw"></i>
f1b0 animal cat dog pet print 4.1 5.0.0
Paypal paypal